Atlantic City Pre-Screened Apartment Movers: Packing & Labeling Guide Launched

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How to properly pack, label, and unpack boxes in a new home is explored in this new report launched by, which provides professional-level organizational strategies for DIY movers. A new tool included in the report also provides estimates for similar services from professional movers.

In a new guide published by, the specialists explain professional techniques for packing a family home into boxes, while keeping everything organized for easy loading, unloading, and unpacking.

More information about, packing advice from specialists, and step-by-step instructions can be found in the full report, at

While there are several ways to organize an upcoming move, this recently launched guide highlights techniques that can be used in combination with professional moving services, or fully DIY moves. The full report also contains a new tool that can estimate the costs of various moving services, ranging from truck rentals to full-service options.

Although full-service moving companies will often include packing up the client’s home in boxes, this is one of the least commonly used moving services, and often one of the costliest. The report focuses on methods for self-packing to reduce or eliminate this cost, while still keeping the home fully organized.

The report starts by suggesting a list of required supplies and reminding users not to label any boxes until after they have been fully packed. At the same time, the report claims that boxes should be labeled soon after they are fully packed before readers forget what is inside.

Readers can find suggestions for how to label each box, color-coding options, and warning labels for various types of delicate items. The guide also suggests labeling certain boxes with “Pack Last” to ensure that they are loaded on the back of the truck, and are easily accessible right away at the new home.

While users are advised to label each box with a brief description of which room it belongs in, or what is inside, the report also suggests a full inventory of all the possessions being packed. This inventory should be separate from all the boxes, readily available before they are unpacked, and should include details about what is packed in which box.

Readers can also use a tool included in the report to estimate the cost of similar services from professional movers. To access these estimates, they can click on “Get Quotes” and provide some basic information about their upcoming move, and the services they require, to get up to 7 no-cost estimates from local professionals, with no obligation.

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