Massachusetts FDA-Approved Adjunctive Ketamine Therapy For Depression Announced

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Thrive IV (+1-508-848-8089), the Dartmouth-based ketamine and vitamin infusion center, announces a new expansion throughout Massachusetts.

Thrive IV is now offering its ketamine infusion treatments to patients at a larger scale, providing access to a solution that – when overseen by a medical professional – has been linked to alleviation of depression symptoms.

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Thrive IV uses carefully administered intravenous ketamine to target NMDA receptors in the brain. Research indicates that ketamine can quickly relieve depression when other treatments have failed – and significant improvement is often seen within 24 hours.

“Ketamine may be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for to help make everything more clear with a path to healing your brain and feeling your best,” explains a spokesperson.

Millions struggling with depression find limited results from conventional antidepressants. The clinic notes that the number of patients with TRD could be as high as 60%, based on their studies and research. This has led to a rise in patients seeking alternative solutions.

Discovered in 1962, ketamine has since been used in a range of surgical and emergency procedures across the world. It was approved by the FDA for treatment-resistant depression via nasal spray in 2019.

Though not a cure, ketamine infusion therapy has demonstrated effectiveness for managing and reducing depression symptoms in clinical trials. These studies reveal short and long-term improvements. According to the Thrive IV team, ketamine infusions have helped approximately 80% of cases with treatment-resistant depression. While more research is still needed, these promising results suggest the treatment could offer much-needed relief.

It has also been effective in treating anxiety disorders and PTSD, Thrive IV notes. With 6.8 million US adults suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and only 43% getting treatment according to the clinic, ketamine represents a safe alternative to consider – and it is well-positioned to help patients regain mental well-being.

The spokesperson adds: “We specialize in adding ketamine infusions to help increase your feeling of well-being and reduce the terrible pain, depression, or anxiety you’ve been experiencing. Giving you hope to live a happier and more productive, fulfilled life.”

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