Low Capital Side Hustle Business Coaching For Women Entrepreneurs Announced

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Monetized Marketing LLC has published a new guide on Startup Business Wire, which discusses the latest course from freelance expert Alicia Lyttle.

The guide highlights the core features of Alicia Lyttle’s online workshop alongside her Freelancing Genius Program, which are both designed to provide a gateway into the world of freelance work. She targets new mothers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and beginner freelancers wanting help finding their niche.

For more information, visit https://startupbusinesswire.com/post/start-a-business-with-1000-dollars-easy-startup-no-website-needed

The core components of the new workshop are based on developing existing skills, interests, and hobbies into side hustles. Once freelancers find a niche they are passionate about, they can expand their skills in this area and learn how to connect with paying clients to grow their side hustle into a business. Alicia also touches on freelance flipping, which involves outsourcing the work while overseeing project quality.

A recent report from Raconteur found that 85% of women leave full-time jobs within three years of having a child. Alicia Lyttle aims to provide an alternate path, empowering moms to build careers around their families by starting freelance businesses based on skills from graphic design to social media management.

For example, the article said that aspiring social media managers can start by taking on ad-hoc projects from local businesses before establishing their own agency. The course covers social media marketing strategies and how to land initial clients.

Creative writers also have a major opportunity today through the creator economy, according to the guide. Platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr connect writers to businesses seeking blog posts, web copy, newsletters, and more. By specializing in a niche and building a portfolio, writers can quickly establish a steady stream of remote work, and Alicia Lyttle provides actionable tips on standing out in this crowded field.

Startup Business Wire further stated that it is now possible to build a freelance business around graphic design, thanks to user-friendly tools such as Canva. Aspiring designers can sell digital templates and services on Etsy, or provide contracted design work for brands and startups.

A spokesperson states: “You won’t need a website or other large investments; all you need is commitment and dedication. In this program, Alicia will share her expertise in the trillion-dollar freelancing industry and show you how to make it work for you.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit https://startupbusinesswire.com/post/start-a-business-with-1000-dollars-easy-startup-no-website-needed

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