St Heliers, Auckland Dental Bridges: Fixed Tooth Restoration Treatment Launched

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Auckland, NZ – Dr Dave Richards – Dentist St Heliers – 09 585 0205 – has announced dental bridge treatment options for those with missing teeth.

The recently announced dental bridge treatment provides a permanent solution for patients who want to replace missing teeth without undergoing surgery or wearing partial dentures. In addition to gap filling, the dental appliances distribute bite force more evenly and help to maintain tooth alignment.

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The new fixed tooth restoration procedure offered by Dr Dave Richards involves attaching an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Customized to match the color, shape, and size of the patient’s natural teeth, the prosthetic provides a comfortable and aesthetic fit.

The most common type of dental bridge consists of a filler tooth supported by 2 crowns. Other alternatives include fastening the adhesive bridge on one side only using metal plates. As the clinic notes, the type of bridge patients need depends on the location and number of missing teeth, the condition of neighboring teeth, and personal preference.

Patients that opt for tooth bridges with Dr Dave Richards receive a high-accuracy digital scan of their adjacent teeth taken with advanced CEREC technology. Following this, durable anchor crowns and filler teeth are fabricated utilizing the clinic’s milling machine. As a biocompatible material, ceramic is non-reactive to the body and closely mimics the appearance of natural teeth. For further information visit

Other restorative dental treatments performed by Dr Dave Richards include veneers to cover broken, chipped, or discolored teeth, or to correct slight gaps. Patients can choose between composite veneers that can be installed in one appointment and highly durable lab-made porcelain options.

Dr Dave Richards – Dentist St Heliers provides a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services at Natural Smile Eastmed Dental. As a specialist in biomimetic and minimally invasive dentistry, he emphasizes preserving natural tooth structure using pain-free techniques.

A satisfied patient said: “How many of us can say we look forward to going to the dentist? From the moment I arrived at Natural Smile, I felt reassured by the friendly and professional attention given by Dave and his team. This is more than just high-quality dentistry with the latest technology and training. They are just so good with people.”

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