Camarillo Minimally Invasive Implanted Dentures, All-On-4 Treatment Available

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Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-364-6393) announces its popular “All-On-4” procedure, which provides fully implanted, natural-looking, and functional teeth in a single visit, for patients across Camarillo, CA.

Using the newly available All-On-4 procedure from the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, local residents can receive a full-arch restoration in a single day, with no bone grafting.

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This recently announced minimally invasive technique, perfected by Dr. Saj Jivraj, utilizes advanced surgical procedures to provide a full arch restoration while reducing the surgical trauma caused during the operation. The All-On-4 procedure can be combined with a wide range of anesthesia options and is gentle enough for elderly clients or those with special needs.

Although implanted teeth are available from other clinics, Dr. Jivraj is a recognized expert in the graftless All-On-4 technique and is known for teaching the procedure both nationally and internationally. With this advanced procedure, patients can receive a full set of teeth on as little as four implanted posts, with no reduction in overall strength or longevity.

While this technique most often requires only 4 implants, this can vary from patient to patient. In situations where an individual may require additional support, the surgical team will fit as many implants as required, at no additional cost.

To ensure that the procedure is suitable for all patients, including those with phobias of the dentist, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute offers four sedation options. For lower levels of sedation, patients can access nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, or oral-conscious sedation that will allow them to remain awake, but feeling no pain or anxiety.

For deeper sedation, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute has trained and certified staff that can perform either IV sedation or general anesthesia. While IV sedation allows patients to remain fully awake throughout the procedure, though deeply relaxed, the general anesthesia option allows them to fall asleep before their procedure, and wake up with their new teeth fitted.

A spokesperson explained, “Dr. Jivraj has been featured in the media for his implant expertise. He also teaches other dentists about the All-on-4 procedure at the company that originated the concept and has authored two textbooks on advanced implant techniques. Dr. Giraldo also has extensive knowledge of implant placement and taught courses about implant rehabilitation at UNICOC University in Colombia. With surgical specialists, anesthesiologists, prosthodontists, and master technicians on-site, you can feel comfortable knowing you are in experienced hands.”

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