AI Animation Maker For Marketers: Ocqlar By Simon Warner 2023-Sep-04 Launch

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Launching on September 4, 2023, Ocqlar is a new AI-powered animation maker that can be used by online businesses, affiliate marketers, and publishers, and comes with a line of features.

With traditional animation remaining costly and time-consuming, the newly released Ocqlar by Simon Warne in partnership with MunchEye software provides businesses with a way to create compelling animations quickly and in an affordable way. The newly announced app is designed to be easy to use even for individuals with zero design experience, allowing website owners and social media marketers to create their own animations without incurring any expenses.

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A one-time payment for the soon-to-be-launched Ocqlar Commercial software comes with an extensive library of animated elements and pre-designed templates. Ocqlar users can customize the backgrounds, colors, and textures of any of the existing templates to ensure that the final animation aligns with their brand’s aesthetics and message. Videos can be further optimized by adding personalized backgrounds and GIFs.

According to Business Animation, a mid-tier animation studio typically charges at least $3,000 for a single minute of animated video, while the cost for professional-level animations starts at $10,000 per minute. These costs can be prohibitive for many businesses, and Ocqlar’s $37 software offers businesses an easy-to-afford, simple-to-navigate alternative.

The software’s ease of use is enhanced by its ChatGPT-powered image generation: users can type commands into Ocqlar’s AI interface to find specific images and generate fully animated scenes. Among the app’s capabilities are text-to-speech, translation, and ​voice recording, transforming web pages and blogs into ​animated videos, creating videos in dimensions set by the user, and custom animation.

The $37 one-time payment covers the app and software for Ocqlar Commercial. Business owners can also opt for several additional features that can further personalize their animations.

Ocqlar is a web-based platform that is totally hosted on the cloud, which allows business owners and their marketing teams to create or edit animations from anywhere with an internet connection.

A reviewer who tried out Ocqlar’s soon-to-be-launched app said the following about the software, “Smart animated video software that you can drag & drop, easily customize the video content as whatever you want.”

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