Sustainable Trim Suppliers For Fashion Entrepreneurs, Networking Platform Update

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With the demand for sustainable fashion on the rise, the verified fashion industry networking space, Fashion Index, has updated its platform to give fashion entrepreneurs the ability to source sustainable trim suppliers.

For fashion entrepreneurs trying to operate in the sustainable fashion market, the platform’s recent update provides listings for dozens of trim suppliers that prioritize sustainable materials. Entrepreneurs can create a no-cost user account with Fashion Index to access these business profiles, which include a business overview and information on their areas of expertise, sizing and market experience, production volume, and more.

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With the announcement, Fashion Index hopes to make launching a new brand or scaling up an established brand more straightforward for fashion entrepreneurs. Users can read about and connect with trim suppliers, factories, dye houses, wash facilities, and many other apparel production resources. Businesses can be filtered by sustainability and fair trade.

Over the next few years, sustainability is projected to be in the top three biggest opportunities for brands in the fashion industry. On the other hand, inventory management, supply chain, and logistics are projected to be the greatest challenges. Partnering with reliable suppliers can help to combat supply chain issues so that fashion entrepreneurs can remain consistent or scale as needed.

Fashion Index allows users to easily contact compatible suppliers, or any other people or resources, directly through their Fashion Index business profile. If a successful partnership is made, Fashion Index does not take a commission or require any fees.

About Fashion Index

Founded by two female fashion industry professionals, Fashion Index is designed to be a one-stop online networking space where entrepreneurs, creatives, and companies can find everything they need to build a successful fashion business. The company’s creators have built relationships working in sourcing, production, and apparel product development with some of the global fashion industry’s leading brands. Fashion Index features business listings for pattern-makers, factories, business coaches, fabric suppliers, 3PL warehouses, and more.

“At Fashion Index we are fostering relationships with the people, the brands, and the resources who are embracing the world of Retail E-commerce Business,” said one spokesperson for the company. “Our days are spent creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators by introducing them to the people who need their resources the most. We have the most aggressively sustainable resources available in the market. Find and connect with like-minded, verified business partners.”

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