Fort Lauderdale Natural Integrative Medicine To Help Chronic Fatigue Launched

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New You Medical (954-858-5888), a provider of natural integrative medicine in Fort Lauderdale, has launched new services for chronic fatigue patients.

The regenerative, integrative and functional medicine specialists at the medical spa believe that chronic fatigue is one of many ailments that can be effectively treated and managed through holistic and personalized care; care that takes into account a person’s overall health, lifestyle, family history, and more. With their new chronic fatigue-focused treatments, the doctors at ‘New You Medical’ will use an evidence-based functional approach to diagnose and get to the root of a patient’s chronic fatigue, and then manage it accordingly.

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‘New You Medical’ has launched their new services for chronic fatigue patients in response to the increasing prevalence of the condition. As the latest figures from the CDC indicate, as many as 2.5 million Americans are currently living with chronic fatigue syndrome, which they describe as being a “disabling and complex illness”.

As the CDC also explained, sadly 90% of Americans suffering from this condition have not received a diagnosis and therefore proper treatment and support for their condition, owing principally to the fact that many healthcare practitioners have no training in chronic fatigue or do not take the condition seriously.

‘New You Medical’ has long drawn patients to their clinic who have felt that they have been neglected by traditional primary care and who have failed to get answers about their health or a much-needed diagnosis. As such, they believe they are particularly well equipped to help individuals who know they have, or who suspect they have chronic fatigue.

As with all of their natural integrative treatments, ‘New You Medical’ will work to help chronic fatigue sufferers by looking at nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, their gut and microbiome health, inflammation, their environment, genetics, and more.

‘New You Medical’ is a provider of natural integrative medicine. The clinic is headed by Dr. Sharon McQuillan and is staffed by a team of medical doctors with expertise in regenerative care, vascular health, musculoskeletal health, and more.

A spokesperson for the regenerative, integrative and functional medicine specialists said, “Are you frustrated with your current traditional medical care? Have you seen multiple specialists regarding your medical issues but still have no clear answer about what is wrong? Do you feel sick and tired, and nothing seems to help? If so, we believe our functional medicine clinic can help you.”

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