Sharpstown Chronic Health Management, Diabetes & Heart Disease Treatments Update

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Sharpstown, TX – Benech Family Clinic (281-532-8670) has announced its chronic health management services for patients diagnosed with conditions that require constant medical attention.

Following the announcement, the primary care center offers prevention solutions and treatments for a range of chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, and other diseases. The clinic’s head, Yamil Benech Jimenez, FNP-BC, says that with over 60% of American adults suffering from a chronic disease, it is crucial that these conditions are properly managed to improve a patient’s quality of life and increase their chances of living longer.

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Benech Family Clinic’s updated services include preventing and treating various from getting progressively worse. Benech notes that while some illnesses cannot be cured, they can be monitored to prevent serious complications, such as foot wounds, heart disease, and vision loss.

During a patient’s first chronic health management visit at the clinic, the team will first conduct a thorough medical checkup to assess their condition, which will encompass a physical exam and some diagnostic tests. From there, the team will create a care plan to meet the patient’s unique needs.

Essentially, chronic health management includes two essential factors: lifestyle changes and proper medication. Benech clarifies that medicines – while helpful – cannot be used to completely manage a disease. Patients must make some lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier and exercising more.

Alongside chronic health management, Benech Family Clinic women’s health and men’s health services. These services focus on the prevention and treatment of various gender-specific illnesses, such as breast cancer or low testosterone. The team likewise conducts different essential laboratory and diagnostic tests, from annual checkups to EKGs.

Benech Family Clinic currently has two branches, one in Houston and one in Spring, TX. While they accept walk-ins, priority will be given to those who schedule an appointment beforehand.

A clinic spokesperson said, “Benech Family Clinic is a patient-centered medical practice offering comprehensive health care to people of all ages. Yamil Benech Jimenez, FNP-BC, and the team welcome children, teens, and adults to the office in Houston, Texas, where they provide compassionate and unbiased health care for all genders and the LGBTQ population.”

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