Suffolk County Lacrosse Speed, Strength & Agility Training Programs Announced

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Long Island Sports Training (631-594-4048) has announced the launch of its lacrosse training programs for athletes in Suffolk County, NY.

Long Island Sports Training’s programs are designed to help boys and girls over the age of seven improve all aspects of their game, from shooting and dodging to stick work and cradling. As part of training, athletes also receive lacrosse player-specific strength, speed, and conditioning plans to help them get in shape.

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With the move, Long Island Sports Training aims to provide athletes with access to training grounded in fundamentals and player development. During the programs, athletes work on shooting, dodging, stick work, cradling, field vision, footwork, and passing. Goalie-specific training is also available for those who play the position.

Because lacrosse is a fast sport that requires a high level of fitness, Long Island Sports Training also provides each athlete with a custom strength, speed, and conditioning plan tailored to their individual ability and skill level. The goal of this plan is to get them ready for their upcoming seasons and to help them maintain their fitness levels throughout the season.

All of Long Island Sports Training’s programs are delivered by Mr. and Mrs. Coach Gilmore. Together they have over 30 years of experience playing and coaching high-level sports. They have also obtained all the necessary licenses and certifications to deliver training programs.

“At Long Island Sports Training, we offer lacrosse training services rooted in fundamentals and player development,” said Mr. Coach Gilmore. “Our lacrosse training programs are player-specific, and we can address any area of your game you feel needs improvement. We’ll also help you get into tip-top shape for the start of your season.”

Long Island Sports Training offers three different training programs for athletes to choose from. Their private training is available for athletes wanting one-on-one coaching. For groups of 4 to 8 players, group coaching is recommended. For teams with 8 or more players, they offer team training; however, with this option, the group must provide a field or practice facility to use.

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