22 Momme Mulberry Silk Oxford Pillowcases, Duvet & Bed Sheets: Collection Update

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Mayfairsilk, a retailer that specialises in natural silk bedding, sleepwear, and accessories, has expanded its line of silk bed sheets.

Mayfairsilk’s expanded selection includes their Oyster Grey Oxford Silk Duvet Set, which comes with two Oxford pillowcases, an Oxford duvet cover with tone-on-tone piping, and a deep-fitted silk sheet. Like Mayfairsilk’s other products, all items in the set are made from grade 6A long-fibre mulberry silk.

For more information, please visit https://mayfairsilk.com/products/oyster-grey-oxford-silk-duvet-set-mulberry-silk

The announcement comes as the world faces unprecedented climate challenges. With cotton production being an extremely environmentally intensive process, Mayfairsilk aims to bring attention to silk as a more sustainable alternative to conventional textiles. The retailer says cotton production involves the use of harsh pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, processing chemicals, dyes, and bleaches; it also emits around 800 times more carbon than silk production. By contrast, mulberry silk is made by silkworms fed on organically grown mulberry trees, which themselves sequester carbon as they grow, and all by-products formed during the process are recycled or reused.

Furthermore, Mayfairsilk’s bedding is woven from premium mulberry silk with a momme rating of at least 22, indicating that there is more silk per square inch of fabric than products with a lower rating. This results in a durable, long-lasting material that will outlive its cotton counterparts. Because silk is a completely natural textile, it can also be composted at the end of its lifespan, lending to its sustainability.

As with Mayfairsilk’s other bedding sets, their Oyster Grey Oxford Silk Duvet Set is suitable for people with sensitive skin, as silk is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to dust mites and pollutants. Additionally, all products are Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which denotes that they were manufactured without toxic dyes and chemicals.

The expansion of the bed sheet collection reflects Mayfairsilk’s devotion to sustainable luxury and ethical practices. The company is based in London, where all its products are handcrafted by artisans.

“Our unique approach blends artistry and personalisation, incorporating beautiful silk prints and patterns to add character to any bedroom,” says Darshana Ubl, co-founder of Mayfairsilk. “By layering solid colours with these captivating prints, we offer endless combinations, keeping the bedroom fresh and inviting while celebrating the joy of self-care and indulgence.”

Interested parties can view other products in Mayfairsilk’s bed sheet collection by visiting https://mayfairsilk.com/collections/silk-bed-sheets

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