Illinois Private Label Food Inspection & Flexible Packaging X-Ray Tools Launched

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Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850), a leading Midwest provider of food and beverage packaging, inspection, and conveying solutions, announces new Safeline X-ray inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO, a global leader in the metal detection industry.

X-ray inspection systems are used by food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical companies to check for foreign materials in products and to ensure package integrity. Newly acquired X-ray inspection machines at industry leader Pack & Inspect Group offer clients the highest detection sensitivity, the lowest rate of false rejects, and the most user-friendly operation available in the marketplace today.

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As post-pandemic food and drug safety regulations become stricter, companies that want to remain competitive in the market will need to place greater importance on compliance and traceability throughout a product’s life cycle. In line with this recent trend, Pack & Inspect Group now offers a family of dual-energy METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray systems that are specially designed to detect softer contaminants – such as rubber, plastic, rocks, and stones – in difficult applications.

The new Safeline X-ray models are available for a wide range of applications, both simple and difficult, including packaged products, individual or bulk flow unpackaged products, food service and bulk ingredient bags, final shipper cases, and more.

The latest range of models includes the X34 series, with automated set-up and enhanced sensitivities; the highest-performing X36 series; and the X37 series for taller and rigid containers at the highest speeds. All three systems are supported by METTLER TOLEDO’s national network of field service technicians and their IPAC support paradigm.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Headquartered in Dubuque, IA, Pack & Inspect Group has been connecting equipment manufacturers with food and beverage processing companies since 2019. The company’s representatives span Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, bringing companies in those areas the expertise they need to determine and acquire the technologies and products necessary for reaching their business goals. Pack & Inspect Group offers a dozen different products in the categories of product inspection, packaging, and conveying.

“Bringing over 100 combined years of experience in the food and beverage packaging industries, at Pack & Inspect Group we represent the premier brands in the industry for packaging, inspection, and product handling in the Midwest,” a company spokesperson said. “If you’re interested in the METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray inspection system, we are available for a review of your inspection application for evaluation and a proposal.”

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