Energy Efficiency Audit & Saving Solutions For Office Buildings Launched

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Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC announces a new update to its energy savings as a service package for office buildings – helping more businesses to achieve their efficiency goals.

Combining electric, water, HVAC, lighting, and air purification, the new system is adaptable to all budgets as part of a complete end-to-end solution. Members can expect to reduce energy consumption and overall spending, the team explains, without any associated upfront cost.

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The announcement comes as the International Energy Agency estimates $2.8 trillion will be spent on energy in 2023, with a focus on clean energy, renewable solutions, and the implementation of more efficient systems. As more businesses seek ways to reduce their impact on the planet, Onsite Utility Services is poised to help a growing number of clients achieve their goals.

With energy costs continuing to rise year after year, buildings that do not actively manage their energy usage often see operating budgets balloon. By implementing energy savings strategies, office buildings can take control of their energy spend instead of continuing to passively pay more each month.

Onsite Utility Services makes all necessary investments on behalf of clients so that energy efficiency upgrades can be made immediately without impacting operating budgets or conflicting with any core purchases. There are no maintenance fees or hidden costs because the service is all-inclusive.

The turnkey service eliminates the financial elements that can deter companies from investing in energy savings strategies – enabling businesses to quickly implement changes that reduce carbon footprints and deliver bottom-line savings through reduced utility bills each month.

With over 28 years of experience in the energy services industry, Onsite Utility Services has the proven expertise to ensure customers only pay for the energy their buildings actually use, avoiding any unnecessary excess costs. On average, the company’s solutions reduce electric costs by 5-15% for clients.

A spokesperson states: “Companies, schools, and institutions choose us because we provide leading energy technology, deliver unparalleled service, and offer the best value in the industry by removing all the risk of energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits through our innovative ‘As-A-Service’ programs. We have established a very long distinguished track record of delivering above and beyond for our customers.”

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