Boulder Orthodontist Digital Marketing: Dentist Lead Generation Services Updated

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PracticeFuel (720-989-1932), an agency expert in marketing for dentists and orthodontic practices, has announced an update to its results-based lead generation services.

This update helps orthodontic practices find more new patients without overspending on marketing. The pay-per-patient service allows dentists to see results before paying.

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Orthodontic practices continually face challenges in finding new patients and initiating lead-generating conversations. By leveraging automation, PracticeFuel’s newest service makes the process more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Many dentists and orthodontists struggle with the pay-per-lead business model. As PracticeFuel points out, it is not cost-efficient since only 10-25% become patients. The firm tackles this issue with its results-based pay-per-show approach. Further, they handle follow-up, an efficient lead-generating task many practices struggle to find time for.

The agency applies automation to follow up with potential clients who filled out a form or showed interest in other ways. Their system is programmed to act swiftly to entertain lead engagement, reaching out in minutes. To start conversations, PracticeFuel utilizes AI tools on Facebook Messenger, further improving conversion rates.

PracticeFuel’s lead generation services increase dentists’ online visibility and effectively engage their target audience. The service integrates automation into communication, guiding potential patients through a simplified process to understand their needs and concerns.

By combining advanced digital marketing strategies and automation tools, the agency ensures that orthodontic practices can focus on what they do best – providing care. This method reduces staff workload and ensures that no potential patient goes unnoticed or unanswered.

PracticeFuel follows a 9-step plan to increase leads for dental practices, from creating a user-friendly website, social media, and re-marketing, and estimates it takes about four months to see full results.

About PracticeFuel

Founder Brian Devine has over 20 years of experience in the industry. The agency’s office is located in Broomfield, just outside Boulder.

“You want more new patients coming in each month. We want to help you do that,” said a company spokesperson. “Our mutual success is perfectly tied together, and you’ll never have to chase us down to see what’s going on because if numbers are low, we are probably already calling you.”

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