Infinite Banking & Whole Life Insurance Method For Buying Cars: E-Book Announced

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“I Own My Bank” has announced an e-book that guides consumers through the process of purchasing a car while using the infinite banking concept.

The announcement comes as the company continues its ongoing campaign to educate consumers about the ways in which the infinite banking concept (IBC) can help them with major purchases and create tax-free growth for personal capital.

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The recently released e-book outlines the four most common ways of acquiring a new vehicle, with a description of the pros and cons for each method, and also explains how IBC, as developed by R. Nelson Nash, can provide a greater degree of financial freedom.

The AA reports that cars depreciate immediately after being driven off the lot, and the average new car depreciates to around 40% of its original value after just three years, even though consumers may typically still be paying high-interest bank loans to finance the vehicle. “We’ve been taught to blindly dump our dollars into a depreciating asset and chalk it up to societal norms,” explains author Chris Naugle.

“At I Own My Bank, we’re dedicated to helping change the dynamic of where interest payments go and who they go to in the process of the car purchases made over your lifetime”, says infinite banker Will Love.

The e-book explains the Money Multiplier Method, a foundational principle of IBC based on three primary ideas: “Pay Yourself First”, “Pay Yourself Back With Interest”, and “Recycle and Recapture the Money You Spend”. Chris explains the logic behind each principle and the way it can be applied in real-world terms.

Readers will also find an in-depth analysis of the math behind IBC with calculations of the way consumers can save money if they “become the bank”.

Chris includes detailed case studies to demonstrate how IBC works when put into action, as well as a step-by-step guide for readers to apply the principles for themselves using a whole life insurance policy with premiums that create cash value within the first 30 days.

Consumers have positive reviews for “I Own My Bank” and the IBC method. “This has been the most eye-opening money management program I have ever seen,” says a satisfied customer. “I feel blessed to have received the opportunity to participate.”

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