Conversational AI Chatbot Tool For Business Productivity & Growth Launched

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Media Absolutely LLC (844-966-4470), a digital marketing agency based in Tustin, CA, has launched a new Conversational Artificial Intelligence tool for businesses looking to boost engagement, sales and growth.

The recently released Conversational AI tool provides businesses with round-the-clock assistance, whether it be training and onboarding a team or engaging with customers, freeing up employees to work on bigger-picture strategies.

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With the advancement of technology, Media Absolutely’s new AI-powered assistant is able to learn from customer interactions, continuously changing and improving strategies to drive engagement and business growth.

Understanding that each business is different, the company provides bespoke Conversational AI solutions, taking into consideration specific business needs, areas of development and goals. Media Absolutely offers continuous support, from the initial AI strategy plan and implementation to future optimization. This ensures that each Conversational AI tool adapts to the constantly evolving world of business.

Unlike traditional chatbots, Conversational AI Technology doesn’t require a script. Instead, it is able to teach itself, progressively learning from each customer interaction to optimize business efficiency and support business owners in identifying patterns and trends. Media Absolutely’s AI tool provides business owners with invaluable data to support their strategy planning.

Media Absolutely’s Conversational AI Tool is able to provide 24/7 administrative support, saving businesses both time and money. Answering routine inquiries, scheduling appointments, processing orders and even onboarding and training employees, AI automation can liberate teams from routine tasks. This is both a cost-effective and time-effective approach to running a business, freeing up resources and allowing teams to focus on more creative business tasks.

The company’s AI-Driven Training Bot reduces the need for human trainers by offering answers to employee questions and providing step-by-step guides to in-house business systems and routines. Using Conversational AI means that employees can be trained quickly and efficiently, with the tool providing ongoing customized learning paths for any targeted needs.

Media Absolutely LLC also offers customers a helpful report on how to use Midjourney, an AI image generator designed to help users quickly and easily produce visuals for their business or website. As the report explains, users do not need any previous experience or knowledge of coding to produce high-quality, professional-looking images. Visuals can be generated in a variety of formats, sizes and resolutions to suit customers’ needs.

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