Interview with Henry Williams: Changes at the Australian Gambling Market the Last 10 Years

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By Barbara Brown

( — September 7, 2023) — Australia has the most incredible rate, with 80% of adults participating in games. In 2022, it contributed 420 million Australian dollars to the economy. Currently, laws and regulations for online and offline gambling have been modified. What has changed for the offline and online Australian gambling market?

Henry Williams, a casino expert and owner of the PokiesLab website here – a large hub with the best free online pokies games and Aussie online casino reviews. He knows the intricacies and nuances of the Australian gambling market and has great achievements. This is an experienced player who has made his hobby – a field of activity. He provided some answers to questions about key changes to the offline and online Australian gambling market in the last 10 years.

Question 1: What is the situation in the Online Gambling Market in Australia Nowadays?

Henry Williams Response: 

Australian online gambling is booming and likely to reach substantial financial goals. The industry was valued at AUD$18 billion in 2022 due to its 15% annual growth rate. It was predicted to expand 10% and reach $20 billion in 2023. 65% of Australians gamble somehow, highlighting the need for responsible gambling practices. This growth in the Australian industry has several reasons:

  1. Technology: Smartphones and laptops have made online gaming simpler and more accessible.
  2. Interest: Sports betting, casino games, and poker make internet gambling more enticing to many fans.
  3. Acceptance: Regulators and players are becoming more accepting of online games, which is helping them develop.
  4. Types of games: There is a large collection of casinos and online poker in Australia, that players use on PCs, mobile phones, etc.

The Australian gambling sector grew rapidly in the last decade. Recent data shows that online gambling generates significant gaming income. It rose to 30% in 2022 from 10% a decade earlier in Australia.

Question 2: What Rules Were Introduced for Australian Gamblers in 2023?

Henry Williams Response: 

In 2023, Australia made several significant changes to its gambling rules to ensure safe gameplay through age verification to prevent under-18s from playing games. The government introduced these rules to promote fair gameplay.

  • One law prohibits using credit cards to fund online gaming accounts.
  • Online platforms must verify their users’ identities within 72 hours.
  • A weekly limit on depositing and withdrawing funds in online gaming is $7,500.

The government is requiring betting limits and improving self-exclusion. Australian players can sign up for a new register that lets them ban themselves from all online gambling. In addition, you can read an interview with my colleague, Florence Phunsi, who also shared her experience on the iGaming Market in Australia.

Question 3: Is There a Difference Between the Appropriateness of the Offline and Online Gambling Market in Australia?

Henry Williams Response:

There is a big difference between how Australians should gamble online and offline. Offline gambling is more regulated than online. Both can be right or wrong, depending on how players view them. These markets follow all rules; an online market deals with issues like remote access and privacy.

  • Game Strictness: In Australia, offline gambling is more controlled than online. Reason: The government keeps a closer eye on games played in person.
  • Playing Possibility: The online gambling experience offers more fun to play than in the offline market. Online gambling sites are not bound by the size of a casino. There is no limit to selection.
  • Gambling Risk: Online gambling is directly linked to Ludomania compared to offline. Gamblers bet online for more extended periods with more money.
  • Advanced Technology: Technological improvements allow online casinos to verify players’ ages and identities. This has made online game sites a lot more accepted.

Question 4: Leaders Among Online Pokies Providers? (Now VS 10 Years Ago)

Henry Williams Response: 

Top online pokies providers in Australia have changed in past years. 10 years back, NetEnt and Microgaming were the biggest providers, но список пополнился. Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt have been Australia’s top online gambling machine providers in recent years. Gambling world leaders provide various free online pokies with no download or real money versions, with progressive jackpots, high RTPs, free spins, extra rounds, multipliers, etc.

Question 5: The Most Strict Rules And Laws in the Australian Market?

Henry Williams Response: 

Soon, Australians can ban themselves from internet gaming across states and territories using a single form. This initiative arrives almost 5 years after a bill was introduced to parliament. Strict rules of Australia deal with problem gambling.  Government programs include a helpline, financial aid, and counseling. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 requires responsible policies for online gamblers.

  • 2009 National Consumer Credit Protection Act bans credit card payments for gaming to prevent overspending.
  • 2006 Anti-Money Laundering Act prevents gaming funds from aiding illegal activities.
  • In 2017, the Australian Gambling Research Centre brought evidence-based policy improvements.

Question 6: What is the Australian Offline and Online Market Demand Now and forecast?

Henry Williams Response:

The Australian gaming market has evolved remarkably over the past ten years.  Now, Australia has the highest rate of gambling in the world. 80% of Australian adults take part in gaming. In 2020 and 2022, Australia lost 25 billion dollars in gambling, with an 8% surge in online gambling.

In 2021, 15% of Australians engaged in weekly online gambling. Only 2% indulged offline. In 2015, 8% of regular Australian gamblers placed bets on sporting events, constituting 45% of overall wagers. The market is projected to have a CAGR of 7.09% between 2023 and 2028.