Odessa Oil & Gas Accidents: Personal Injury Law Firm Legal Services Updated

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Reyna Law Firm (+1-432-232-5183) announced new upgrades to its personal injury legal services in support of those hurt in accidents on Odessa gas or oil fields.

The updates are brought forward to equip survivors of such disasters with the legal resources needed to dispute settlement offers and pursue further compensatory figures. Reyna Law Firm’s qualified attorneys make themselves available to represent victims in damage claim cases as they look for justice in line with the rights afforded to them by law.

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Oil refineries in Odessa and the surrounding Permian Basin region remain a lucrative source of work as staples of the national oil production industry. Yet, Reyna Law Firm stresses that the field is also perilous – with poor safety measures easily resulting in severe injuries for workers. Its updated services are offered as a response, giving accident victims additional legal options going forward.

The potentially dangerous environment and equipment involved in oil and gas work are partly to blame for rising reports of accidents leading to injury, notes the firm. Since the duty of supplying a safe oil field workspace lies with those in charge, such parties are also responsible for any damage stemming from catastrophic incidents.

As explained by a Reyna Law Firm spokesperson: “While some oilfield accidents are unfortunately uncontrollable, many accidents occur when another party neglects to adequately provide its workers with as safe of an environment as possible. If you have sustained serious injuries due to an oil accident, you may be entitled to collect compensation for the pain you have endured.”

Reyna Law Firm cites the unwillingness of liable parties to do everything necessary to safeguard their workers as a driving factor in the number of accidents that occur on Odessa oilfields. Accordingly, the firm offers investigative services that identify failures to provide safety for workers – adding its findings to evidence accrued against liable parties.

This strengthens damage cases enabling Reyna Law Firm’s lawyers to negotiate with companies and insurers in pursuit of raised settlement offers. Their aim is to provide financial relief for embattled victims who are facing medical costs and physical recovery battles.

Operating from its Odessa offices as well as at branches across Texas and New Mexico, Reyna Law Firm makes in-person and virtual consultations available to schedule online or via telephone.

“Juan and his staff helped us when no one else would,” said one prior client. “A very professional office that always kept communications open.”

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