Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans: Full Coverage For Seniors Update

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Independent Medicare insurance broker Smart Medigap Plans (214-893-1200) has updated the supplemental coverage services it provides throughout the state of Texas.

With American seniors continuing to have medical expenses beyond what Medicare will fully cover, Smart Medigap Plans has updated its Medicare supplement plans to provide more comprehensive coverage for seniors. The service can be used to cover health care costs from copayments, coinsurance bills, and deductibles.

More details can be found at: https://smartmedigapplans.com

In its latest announcement, Smart Medigap Plans discusses the ease of use for its supplemental insurance service. Clients who choose this option receive coverage for about 20% of their medical costs without ever needing their health care provider to bill the supplemental insurance company directly.

The independent health policy research firm KFF states that 92% of American seniors are enrolled in either a Medicare Advantage program or supplemental coverage like the recently updated service provided by Smart Medigap Plans.

According to the company, a major benefit of its Medicare supplement plans is the fact that they are 100% renewable even for seniors who develop worsening health problems. This means that, as long as a purchaser continues to pay their premium, their insurance company cannot cancel their supplemental coverage.

The company states that potential clients should be aware that its Medicare supplement plans do not cover Prescription Drug Coverage Plan (Part D). Smart Medigap Plans’ insurance specialists can help seniors select the right Part D plan so they can receive benefits for their prescription medications.

About Smart Medigap Plans

Smart Medigap Plans is an independent insurance broker that provides its services to the entire state of Texas. The company’s insurance specialist, Mike Hagan, is also licensed to help seniors in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma. He has spent more than six years connecting people to the more than 30 insurance carriers he collaborates with.

Regarding Mr. Hagan’s customer service, a recent Smart Medigap Plans client stated, “Mike is always available if I have questions. I moved to a different city and Mike helped find me a new Dr. and got my location changed”

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