Cyberattacks Skyrocket: Small Businesses and Children Most Vulnerable

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Cybersecurity connector CPSMB (Collaboration & Partnering for Small & Medium Businesses) alerts consumers and businesses’ attention to the threats to their everyday technology use. Cyber-attacks are up by the triple-digits, and CPSMB’s mission is to protect Texans and Houstonians from these hidden threats.

March 2023 vs. March 2022: A Disturbing Uptick

According to research from CPSMB, in a startling revelation, cyberattacks targeting small businesses have surged by a staggering 700% in the past year. Even more alarming, cyber threats aimed at children have seen a 600% increase. Overall, records breached in March 2023 compared to the same month in the previous year have shot up by an eye-watering 931%.

The T-Mobile Breach: A Cautionary Tale

To put things into perspective, consider the February 2023 T-Mobile data breach, which — as reported by Bleeping Computer — marked its second significant security lapse since the onset of 2023. Such incidents underscore the urgency and importance of robust cybersecurity measures, especially for small businesses and families.

Who’s at Risk and Why?

Small businesses, often perceived as low-hanging fruit by cybercriminals due to their typically weaker security infrastructures, are prime targets. Children, with their increasing online presence but often limited awareness of cyber threats, are also at heightened risk.

When Did This Surge Begin?

While cyber threats have always been a concern, the past year has seen an unprecedented spike. The reasons range from the rapid digitization of businesses to the increased online activity of children during the pandemic.

Where Are These Attacks Originating?

Cyber threats are global, with attackers often operating from regions with lax cyber laws or where extradition is challenging. However, the exact origin of each attack can vary, making it crucial for businesses and individuals to remain vigilant.

How Can Businesses Protect Themselves?

Proactive protection is the key. While traditional antivirus tools struggle to keep pace with evolving threats, innovative solutions that combine human expertise with AI monitoring offer a more robust defense. Bridging the Gap

Enter, a cybersecurity connection platform that matches business owners and families with top-tier, software-based human and AI-monitored cybersecurity solutions. “In today’s digital age, it’s not just about having technology; it’s about how you use it. A single misstep, like a deceptive email, can give cybercriminals the keys to your kingdom,” warns a representative from

The Bottom Line

The digital landscape is fraught with dangers, but with the right precautions, these threats can be mitigated. As cyberattacks continue to rise, the message is clear: proactive protection isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.


In the heart of Texas, stands as a beacon for businesses and individuals seeking unparalleled cybersecurity expertise. Born out of a passion to safeguard the digital frontier, CPSMB commits to becoming a leading name in cybersecurity services in Houston. Their mission is simple: to connect businesses, both small and medium-sized, with the best software-based human and AI-monitored cybersecurity solutions.

Based in Houston, Texas, CPSMB connects consumers with cybersecurity services in Texas, starting in greater Houston, expanding to major cities in the state, and later the whole country. A complete list of cities and counties served can be currently found at CPSMB’s sitemap,

CPSMB’s focus is firms who specialize in offering tailored cybersecurity consulting. Every business has unique needs, and most consumers are best matched with solutions that are both robust and flexible. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats, having a partner who understands the landscape is crucial. That’s where cybersecurity consulting in Houston comes into play. CPSMB connects clients with companies who not only offer solutions but also educate, ensuring clients are equipped to tackle future challenges head-on.

CPSMB believes in simple connections for better cybersecurity. From startups finding their footing to established businesses looking to solve their technology problems, CPSMB is there to guide, protect, and empower.

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