Underrated YouTube Channel For Side Hustle, Business News, Tech Insights Updated

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The Ignorant Entrepreneur, a YouTube channel focusing on technology, online business, and investing, has announced a content update.

The channel, whose most popular videos range from how to create NFTs on an iPad or iPhone to tech developments in the shrimp farming space, aims to create educational and entertaining content on trending news and interesting, under-appreciated topics.

For more information, visit https://www.youtube.com/@theignorantentrepreneur

The latest video release provides a thorough grounding in the news surrounding video streaming companies such as Netflix and Hulu. It argues that price hikes across some of the most popular platforms signal a new era in the streaming world. Another offers side hustle suggestions tailored towards millennials based on channel owner, Rob’s, personal experience.

“Back in the day, my bank account was on life support and my living situation? Let’s just say it needed a major upgrade,” he explains. “That’s when I decided to step up my hustle game, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

As of 2023, YouTube reaches over 2.7 billion users monthly according to Demand Sage, with 52% accessing the platform every month. The Ignorant Entrepreneur aims to engage this massive audience with informative yet enjoyable content.

The updated channel positions itself as an all-in-one destination for the latest developments in technology and entrepreneurship. Videos adopt an upbeat tone while prompting viewers to think critically about current affairs, and the channel aims to spark discussion around relevant business matters in an accessible way.

While maintaining an authoritative voice, The Ignorant Entrepreneur incorporates a degree of lightheartedness. A notable recent video covered the discovery of a dinosaur embryo remarkably preserved inside a fossilized egg. Alongside these attention-grabbing topics, the channel provides tangible tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With each video, Rob encourages viewers to come to their own conclusions about significant issues and pursue worthwhile business goals. The channel is gaining traction for blending entertainment with education, with videos that make complex subjects relatable.

Rob states: “I’m an entrepreneur looking to lead a digital nomadic lifestyle here to share news that I hope will inspire or motivate others. I’ll divulge future technology updates, online business practices, and investing insight whether through stocks, cryptocurrency, or NFTs.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.youtube.com/@theignorantentrepreneur

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