Salt Lake City Emergency Food: Freeze-Dried Fruits, Meats Preppers Bucket Update

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Augason Farms announces its updated collection of dried meats, frozen foods, and survival food buckets in Salt Lake City, UT. The company ships nationwide.

Augason Farms continues to be a leader in the emergency food industry. It has announced that it has updated its collection of frozen and dried foods, including dry eggs, emergency fruits, freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried beef, and doomsday food buckets.

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The updated collection helps families and communities nationwide prepare for any untoward event and practice greater self-reliance during food emergencies. For over 50 years, Augason Farms has made it its mission to offer high-quality and affordable dried meat and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that can be eaten as everyday meals.

This is their differentiating factor, say members of the farm. Aside from providing emergency foods, they also help doomsday preppers learn how to cook their meals. This is because the farm taste tests its products to ensure the highest quality and food palatability.

One of the best-selling items remains the Morning Moo’s Milk, which was the first product offered by the farm in 1972. This milk powder easily mixes with water and tastes just like fresh milk. Further, it is rich in calcium and fortified with vitamins, including vitamins A and D. The whey-based beverage is an essential prepper’s food item and should be part of a family’s emergency food supply. There is also a low-fat alternative, for those who cannot drink whole-fat milk.

The privately owned, home-grown business uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that all foods are dehydrated and frozen with limited to no human exposure. This prevents any germs from infecting the food and affecting their longevity. Because of the high demand, Augason Farms helped co-establish BCG Co-Packing which offers A-to-Z manufacturing services for dry foods and beverages.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are roughly 3.7 Americans who actively identify as preppers.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, “Our high-quality ingredient procurement, taste-tested formulas, and end-to-end manufacturing all happen in our state-of-the-art facility. This means we control the quality and production costs in-house and, in turn, make food security possible for individuals and families of any size, lifestyle, or budget.”

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