Gloucester County CBT Depression Therapy, Commercial Insurance Coverage Launch

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Renewed Light (+1-866-485-0905), a mental health clinic that serves clients in Gloucester County and beyond, announces it now accepts commercial health insurance for the treatment of depression.

This development is part of the facility’s mission to make mental healthcare accessible to as many individuals as possible. It accepts coverage from many national commercial insurers, including those provided by employers.

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Representatives note that this move is a response to the growing number of persons dealing with depression in the country; according to Gallup, 17.8% of Americans are currently being treated for depression.

Depression, a widespread condition affecting millions, originates from a multitude of factors. These include genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalances, grief, trauma, and chronic stress. Renewed Light acknowledges the complexity of these roots and tailors its treatments accordingly – with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

CBT serves as the cornerstone in addressing depression. It focuses on identifying and altering negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to and maintain depressive symptoms.

Renewed Light’s CBT approach is complemented by holistic practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and acupuncture. This comprehensive approach ensures that patients are equipped with coping mechanisms even when they are not in session with a therapist.

The treatment journey at the clinic begins with one-on-one therapy sessions. Clients will eventually be introduced to group sessions where they can learn from others who are also facing depression. Additionally, family therapy equips individuals with tools that foster enhanced communication and understanding with loved ones.

By accepting private insurance for depression treatment, Renewed Light sends the message that mental problems should be given the same care and attention as other health issues. The practice believes that when the cost of treatment is not an issue, more people will seek the help they need to deal with this crippling illness

A spokesperson says: “We are resolute in our commitment to eradicating mental health stigma and ensuring comprehensive care is within reach.”


Renewed Light is a premier mental health clinic located in Woodbury, New Jersey. Committed to improving the well-being of its clients, the practice offers evidence-based outpatient treatments to help them deal with issues such as gambling addiction, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders, among others.

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