NYC Airstream Rental Service With Power Outlets For Mobile Hair Stylists: Update

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RV Airstreams (+1-917-213-1614) has updated its vehicle selection in NYC, now offering luxury RVs with power outlets suitable for pop-up beauty events held by hair stylists.

By announcing the update, RV Airstreams aims to improve local awareness of the mobile pop-up services available across New York City. Its brand recognition professionals now offer an expanded selection of Airstreams for promotional setups in high-traffic locations around the area.

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RV Airstreams said that hair stylists can now access an enhanced vehicle inventory that includes models with interiors suited to host equipment and furniture. New or prominent hair professionals and beauticians who hope to boost interest in their business have the option of hiring vintage Airstreams in which to carry out services for prospective clients.

Offering haircuts and coloring treatments in busy areas at mobile salons can bring significantly greater attention to local businesses. By taking Airstreams to locations filled with people from their target audience, stylists can efficiently advertise their brand and services in fully wrapped vehicles decked out in their business’s logo and colors.

On the subject, an RV Airstreams representative said: “Our Airstreams can be used as beauty parlors and hair salons in shopping centers, parks, streets and convention centers, just to name a few. Launching a new beauty product or going for a marketing tour can be done with style.”

After experiencing services firsthand at mobile salons, bystanders and first-time visitors can become regular clients. RV Airstreams also offers custom decor on its vehicles, promoting social media pages and other details.

A wide variety of Airstreams is available for rent, with the company offering access in New York City to vintage vehicles ranging from 36-ft in length to 20-ft. Each is suited for different team sizes, whether individual stylists or full crews.

Pop-up salons make for a highly effective alternative to TV or digital marketing, suggests RV Airstreams. Standing out from orthodox advertising methods, luxury RVs can draw crowds and turn promotions into exciting events.

“Being recognized and staying at the top of your customer’s mind means that you have to advertise in an out-of-the-ordinary way,” said RV Airstreams. “Getting your personal or business brand out in front of customers or people is a top priority for success.”

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