Trustworthy Day Trading Mentorship: Short Selling Tips From Pro Traders Announce

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With uncertainty in the financial markets making it harder for traders to generate consistent returns, ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) announces updates to its guided curriculum of stock market education for struggling day traders.

The platform’s latest move affirms the team’s commitment to helping new traders broaden their skills, armed with proven strategies that bring larger returns no matter what phase the market is in. Thanks to MIC’s state-of-the-art learning management system, subscribers can access a full suite of training resources – on demand, from anywhere in the world.

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The updates include an expansion of the platform’s short-selling tutorials, showing amateur traders how they can profit from market downturns while maintaining robust risk management strategies to keep losses at a workable minimum. Teaching is delivered via MIC’s weekly webinar series, regular Q&As, and via its flagship mentorship program which assigns an elite-level trader to each subscriber for private one-to-one coaching.

As well as providing lucrative opportunities for traders, short selling also plays a role in keeping bullish market behavior in check. Though the approach is not without controversy – many CEOs see it as an attempt to destroy a business – in reality, shorting stocks only works when a company’s operational model is already failing and not yet sustainable.

MIC members are shown how to use leveraging tools such as spread bets and CFD (contract for difference) trading. All of this requires finding a suitable broker to open a margin account with and factoring in the interest fees payable on borrowed stocks.

While losses are potentially infinite when shorting stocks due to the fact there is, in theory, no limit to how high a share price can go, the potential gains are similarly large – especially when tempered with adequate research using technical analysis and setting defined trading limits.

The platform offers expert coaching on both fundamental and technical analysis – both popular and effective methods of identifying suitable trading candidates. Other topics include stock scanning software, tape reading, SEC filings, and calculating risk/reward ratios.

Mentors can be reached seven days a week and sessions can be conducted via voice call or direct messaging. Daily trading blueprints give members a head start on the market before the trading day begins while MIC’s video encyclopedia provides an exhaustive collection of lessons on every aspect of stock market practice.

Co-founder Alex Temiz says, “We started MIC as a way to kind of give us an avenue to help people that wanted to be helped. For those that are hardworking, for those that are hungry, for those that are humble, let’s give them something. Let’s give them the ability that if they are willing to put in the work, they’ll be able to accomplish their dreams.”

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