Go Go Charlie Optimizes Veterinary Client Compliance With Their Exercise Tracker

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The web-based pet home physical therapy company Go Go Charlie uses high-quality resources and the latest research to create simple and efficient home exercise videos and instructions for pets of all kinds. This company helps optimize veterinary client compliance by using their unique exercise tracker.

Go Go Charlie is a company that creates and sells physical therapy home programs for pets. This company is a subscription service for veterinarians and small animal rehabilitation clinics that offers education and informative videos, templates, programs, resources, research, and a variety of tools that providers can use to help improve the outcome of their patients’ rehabilitation and care. Their rich library of exercise videos helps simplify client education, is efficient and adaptable, and is available in five additional languages, making Go Go Charlie the perfect resource for any veterinarian clinic worldwide.

Go Go Charlie has seven hundred and fifty homecare videos with sixteen categories and more than one hundred prepopulated templates that are fully customizable for dogs, cats, and exotic animals of all kinds with a variety of health concerns. From videos about exercises, massages, stretches, range of motion, and how to put on braces and supports and information on sports medicine to amputations to post-operative care, Go Go Charlie has a customizable template and program for every unique pet. Their mission is to help their clients and their practice thrive and they believe that by healing animals, they help heal families, but to do this patients and clients have to comply with their home program.

Go Go Charlie helps veterinarians and small animal rehabilitation providers optimize client compliance with their exercise tracker. Every time an exercise is created, an exercise tracker is automatically populated with it. This exercise tracker can be modified and customized to include a variety of data such as pain level, difficulty level, and number of repetitions. The client will complete this at home, and the professional can see the tracker in real-time on the clinical floor and make modifications as needed depending on each pet’s progress and situation without having to wait for the client to come in.

When one of Go Go Charlie’s home programs is developed, the veterinarian or physical therapist can see all of the home exercises that are created from the home page, so if the program is too difficult, they can send the previous home program to the client in one click. On the other hand, if the template is too easy for the pet, providers can add exercises to the current home program and send it directly from the clinic to the client in real time. This exercise tracker software makes customizing and changing a physical therapy program easy and efficient, creating a manageable and simple recovery with a perfect, individualized plan for both the pet and the owner. Using Go Go Charlie’s tracking tools and analytics helps improve clients’ care, progress, and healing by allowing providers to build a home exercise program in seconds. Go Go Charlie’s main priority is always the provider’s ease and the client’s satisfaction and outcome, meaning they are the perfect tool to add to any veterinarian or small animal rehabilitator’s practice to improve patient outcomes easily and efficiently.

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