Newmarket, QLD Flexible Group Fitness Membership For Strength & Mobility Updated

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PrimalThenics has announced that it now offers updated flexible membership options for busy professionals at its group fitness studio in Newmarket, Brisbane.

With over 20 years of experience in clinical muscular rehabilitation and coaching, Coach Chris of PrimalThenics combines ancient primal principles with modern mobility, strength, and cardiovascular training to help individuals improve their physical fitness. Following the update, clients can choose from a variety of studio memberships to fit their schedules and needs.

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The recently announced flexible membership programs combine in-person workouts in their studio in Newmarket with access to a custom fitness app with over 200 on-demand virtual sessions and a library of 1,000 videos.

“Longing for real fitness, strength, and mobility? PrimalThenics isn’t just another fitness fad; it’s a tailored strategy designed to meet your unique fitness goals,” said a spokesperson. “We believe in building you from the inside out, focusing on core strength, functional movement, and natural athleticism.”

As an experienced coach, Chris Miller utilizes a scientific, brain-based methodology to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Members can choose from a range of sessions, each designed to target specific fitness needs. One of the sessions, Primal Pliability, focuses on movement drills, stretching, and neurologically driven activation drills to increase mobility and flexibility.

With access to the swimming pool in Newmarket, members can also add Primal Cold sessions that use cold-water therapy to stimulate their thermodynamics response system, which can support recovery.

PrimalThenics’ studio memberships also include Primal Hunter sessions that focus on aerobics to help members build their stamina and increase their maximal oxygen consumption. Individuals can find more information about other sessions, such as Primal Combat, Primal Warrior, and team sessions, on the website.

Developed by Chris Miller, PrimalThenics is on a mission to help individuals take a step towards a stronger, fitter, and more resilient version of themselves. With group fitness studio memberships, clients also receive customized nutrition guidance and personal programs so they can keep up with their fitness journey from anywhere.

A satisfied client said: “As an elite athlete, I have been exposed to my fair share of health and fitness professionals. I can honestly say that Chris offers some of the best services within Australia, if not globally.”

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