Edison Pre-Screened Whole House Moving Crews, Mover Selection Guide Launched

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When relocating an entire house, the possessions inside still often need to be packed, removed, and replaced once the move is complete. This new guide launched by Movers.com explores the entire process and provides estimates for related moving costs.

When planning to move an entire house, there are several important factors that should be considered, before hiring a professional moving crew. This new guide by Movers.com explores how to find the right moving crew for a particular job, how to estimate their rates, and several important steps that should be completed before moving day.

More information about moving a house, hiring a professional moving crew, and estimating the rates for various services can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-guides/house-movers.html

The first step suggested in the recently published guide involves finding a moving crew with all of the proper licenses and insurance. The report explains how to determine if a crew has all the required paperwork, and includes a link to a video report with 10 questions to ask a moving crew, before hiring.

Readers can also use a tool on the Movers.com website that will search for pre-screened moving crews in their local area. This simple form allows homeowners to find fully licensed and insured moving teams near their starting location and provides estimates for the services that they may require.

To receive estimates from local crews, readers can input some basic information into the form, such as where they are moving from, moving to, and whether items need to be carried up or down stairs. Movers.com will send this information to local crews, and readers will receive up to 7 rate estimates for their relocation, with no cost or obligation.

The guide also explores important steps that need to be completed before moving day and suggests simple strategies that may make the process easier. This includes suggestions for acquiring any needed building permits for the new residence and hiring a contractor to disconnect services at the old house.

While most moving crews already have insurance, the report also suggests options for additional short-term insurance, for the duration of the move. Although this additional insurance is not required, it is often recommended to ensure there are no additional costs incurred by damage caused during the moving process.

A spokesperson for Movers.com explained, “Your house mover should be able to answer any other house-moving questions you might have. If they can’t, you should probably select another mover. Moving your house to a new location is certainly a complicated and expensive process, but, if you truly love your home, the benefit of being able to bring it with you may far outweigh the costs.”

More information about estimated moving rates, pre-screened local crews, and the quote request form can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/nj-new-jersey/edison/cheap-movers.html

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