Summer Memories Festival

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( — September 26, 2023) — Autumn is a wonderful season. But also a little sad, because the bright, cheerful summer is behind us. How will we lift our spirits? Why not arrange a holiday of summer memories together with the children? We will discuss such fun activities as:

  • pantomime;
  • DIY;
  • treasure hunt;
  • storytelling.

So, let’s start.

Home Beach

To begin with, let’s take out an inflatable mattress and a circle, a beach ball, and a mask. At first glance, it may seem that this does not make any sense. But you will see with delight the baby will go through all this good, remembering and experiencing a wonderful summer vacation over and over again, how, wearing a mask, he will pretend to be a swimmer or “sunbathe” on a mattress in dark glasses. 

To complete the picture, you can arrange an imaginary beach on the floor by laying out sea pebbles and shells. And don’t forget the cocktails and juices in nice glasses with straws.


Invite the baby to play a pantomime and show the sea creatures. For example, dust fish, clownfish, sea urchins, crabs, jellyfish, octopus, dolphin. Children are amazing artists! They are happy to depict animals, inventing unusual and interesting images. Also, you can create a full pantomime event with the help of Check it out now!

The Sea in the Bathroom

And you can go to the bath for games. Let’s collect water, add sea salt, throw pebbles and shells on the bottom – what’s not the sea? Let’s send plastic boats and homemade paper boats sailing. Does your child know how to make paper boats? No? Then it’s time to teach him – it is useful for the development of fine motor skills.

Jellyfish and Company

And what about DIY? Let’s make a jellyfish from disposable paper plates. To do this, cut a round plate in half. Then cut the paper into narrow strips. The smallest craftsmen, who do not yet know how to use scissors, can tear paper with their hands – this is both creativity and the development of fine motor skills at the same time. The prepared strips are the tentacles of our jellyfish. 

We stick them on the cut of half of the plate: the mother lubricates the cut with glue, and the child applies the strips one next to the other to make a fringe. It remains only to paint the jellyfish with paints or pencils, not forgetting to make a cute “face”. From the other half of the plate, you can make a friend for the jellyfish, so that it is not lonely.

A Treasury of Pleasant Memories

Why not organize an exhibition of interesting summer finds for us? Probably, the kid has some memorable “things” in his collection – beautiful pebbles, shells, a feather from a rooster’s tail, dried flower petals, an unusual cone, or colored glasses, surrounded by the sea. All this can take a worthy place in your collection. Just be sure to remember together with the child where and when it was found, and why you wanted to take this particular pebble. This is a very useful exercise for the development of the baby’s coherent speech.

Sea Adventures

Read together with the baby books about the sea and marine inhabitants, about ships and sea adventures. And you will also find sea coloring pages useful! You can find a selection of such books in any bookstore.

We hope you can create some magical moments with your child to never forget this summer.