Children’s Mental Health Journal | Values & Goals Digital Planner Launched

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Kids’ mental health and wellbeing company “My Values Journal” has launched a new journal that helps children overcome confidence issues, manage anxiety, and set goals.

The new journal was developed by parents specialising in mental health, and is available as a downloadable PDF. The resource is suitable for children between the ages of five and twelve.

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The resource is designed to help children identify and build upon their personal values and priorities. Inside, users will find many writing prompts that encourage creativity and personal development. Using these prompts, children can pinpoint their main goals and aspirations in life and figure out what is important to them. This exercise can also give them a better understanding of their personal interests.

In addition to writing about their thoughts and experiences, kids can explore their goals and express themselves by following the drawing prompts included on many of the pages.

To motivate users, the journal includes many inspirational quotes from world leaders, personal development experts, and self-help authors. Many of the quotes are about building a strong character, developing good morals, and overcoming obstacles.

To aid their child’s personal development, parents may also purchase one of the company’s self-improvement bundles. Designed to be used alongside the journal, these digital workbooks feature self-esteem exercises, mental health lessons, and self-exploration prompts. Parents can choose between several bundles, with each one focused on the development of a specific attribute, such as selflessness, determination, and compassion.

Explaining how the journal can improve childhood mental health, a spokesperson for the company says, “We developed this journal so that kids of all ages can grow up to be good human beings with high self-esteem, decent morals, and a positive outlook on life. My Values Journal helps you teach your children the value of hard work, honesty, compassion, self-belief, learning from mistakes, and many other important values in life. Whether your child is shy or outgoing, calm or stressed, this journal will be their reliable companion as they grow up.”

About The Company

“My Values Journal” is a UK-based personal development and mental health company. They create self-improvement and wellbeing products for kids and are passionate about helping children develop confidence and character.

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