Murrieta Solar Panel Installation, Brokerage Service For New Homeowners Expanded

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Gradient Solar Systems (951-445-2271) has expanded its solar brokerage services to Murrieta, California, providing new homeowners with access to affordable solar panel installation through partnerships with solar energy companies in the region.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the average American homeowner can save over $1,000 every year on their electricity bill by installing a solar energy system. In light of these figures, Gradient Solar Systems has expanded its solar brokerage services to new homeowners in Murrieta, California, helping them optimize power consumption and costs.

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The solar brokerage company’s recent expansion to Murrieta, California, is part of its commitment to making solar power more accessible and affordable to both residential and commercial clients across California.

By taking advantage of California’s robust (power purchase agreement) PPA regulations, local homeowners can start using solar power without having to pay for the equipment upfront, meaning they optimize energy costs immediately.

The company’s expert advisors assess the client’s home to determine its energy requirements and provide guidance in terms of choosing the most suitable solar panel that can accommodate future home improvements. On average, a solar system installed with assistance by Gradient Solar Systems has allowed owners to reduce their household bills by between 40% and 60%, the company says.

Gradient Solar Systems works with a number of solar energy companies to offer homeowners tailored deals on solar panel installation. The professionals facilitate the installation of all types of solar modules, including silicon solar panels, thin-film solar modules, and flexible solar panels.

“The newest solar panels are more efficient than ever and are an excellent choice for your residential property,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We can outfit almost any home or business with solar to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills. Go green and save more than just money in the long run.”

In addition to Murrieta, Gradient Solar Systems’ services are also available to homeowners and commercial clients in Ventura, San Joaquin, Fresno, and the surrounding areas. As a solar brokerage company, Gradient Solar Systems connects clients with solar panel installers, and its team is available to respond to questions and offer guidance on its various services.

New homeowners in Murrieta, California, can find more information on the company’s solar brokerage service by visiting