Power Of Perspective: Creative Problem Solving Self-Paced Online Course Updated

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Steven Wright has announced a new update to his Problem Perspectives course, aimed at technology researchers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

The newly updated course features one hour of on-demand video lessons alongside nine downloadable resources. Upon purchase, members get lifetime access to the course – which includes any updates or new modules released over time.

For more information, visit https://www.drstevenawright.com/problem-perspectives-course/

The latest course begins with an introduction to creative problem solving, teaching outside-the-box thinking to help participants overcome obstacles more effectively. Students are encouraged to develop and refine their problem statements, helping them to solve problems more effectively.

Steven Wright explains that problems arise from discrepancies between current realities and desired future outcomes. Whether pursuing personal growth or enacting organizational change, properly defining the main problem is an important first step. The Problem Perspectives course will guide students through crafting focused problem statements that isolate key variables for investigation.

By refining the definition of the issue at hand, learners can identify the optimal challenges to tackle. The course stresses that quality solutions require asking the right questions from the start, rather than waiting for inspiration to strike.

Creative problem-solving begins with perspective. Steven Wright uses interdisciplinary expertise across engineering, business, and law to demonstrate evaluating issues through different lenses. He teaches how to frame problems neutrally to avoid pre-supposing certain techniques as solutions.

Through video lessons, he explores core concepts including systems thinking, root cause analysis, mental models, and avoiding cognitive pitfalls. Students gain access to supplementary materials like workbooks, tools, and case studies for applying the systematic approach to real-world scenarios.

Additional details are provided at https://www.drstevenawright.com/problems-that-matter/

Spanning technical, business, policy, and other domains, the course modules empower professionals to leverage perspective positioning, temporal viewpoints, geographical insights, and more within their specialized contexts to drive change.

A spokesperson states: “The power of perspective in this course is particularly relevant for those challenged by wicked problems. By developing and refining the problem statement, you will find a better problem to solve.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit https://www.drstevenawright.com/

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