AI Restaurant Review Management Software Platform, Automated Reply System Update

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Restaurant owners looking to improve and streamline their response rate for reviews can now use AI-assisted tools with ReviewReplyGPT’s newly updated platform.

ReviewReplyGPT’s recent software update gives restaurant owners the ability to quickly craft AI-assisted reviews that are aligned with their brand voice. According to its developers, business owners can use the system to improve customer engagement and overall reputation online, which in turn will promote new and returning customers.

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A recent report found that 94% of restaurant-goers used online reviews to inform their decision about where they would dine. However, while review rates and their responses are an important KPI for many hospitality businesses, finding the time to engage and reply to all the reviews that come in can quickly become time-consuming.

ReviewReplyGPT addresses this issue by harnessing the speed and adaptability of AI. “We offer a solution to automate the time-consuming and sometimes challenging task of responding to reviews for your business,” the developers said.

The platform can connect to a restaurant’s Google Business Profile to import all existing reviews, as well as detect any new ones as soon as they are posted. Once connected, the system can generate automated responses to reviews that can be audited and edited before being posted.

As the system has a foundation in the ever-learning ChatGPT software, the review responses become refined toward a business’s preferred tone of voice and brand identity. This adaptability means that the generated responses are constantly perfected and become uniquely customized to a client’s brand.

By giving restaurant owners completed review responses, the admin task of replying to reviews becomes a faster and more streamlined process that frees up time that can be used on the running of a business. Additionally, the ReviewReplyGPT platform can be used to brainstorm positive responses to negative reviews that address any issues and effectively resolve complaints.

The review management software is available in a range of plans, all of which offer the AI review collection and response services, but with varying monthly, annual, or one-time lifetime payments. Restaurant owners can also choose a ReviewReplyGPT+ service, which features an additional SMS review collection feature that actively improves the number of reviews a business receives.

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