Woodstock, GA Homeowner’s Insurance Agency Hurricane Season Prep Guide Released

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A new pre-hurricane preparation guide by White Oak Insurance Services (678-596-0113) helps Woodstock and Metro Atlanta residents protect family members, possessions, and their property ahead of Georgia’s hurricane season.

White Oak Insurance Releases Guide to Hurricane Preparedness in Georgia

As hurricane season begins, White Oak Insurance Services Based in North Metro Atlanta has published a comprehensive guide to help Georgia homeowners properly prepare for potential storms. The guide provides key actions homeowners should take to protect their families and properties, including reviewing insurance coverage, taking a home inventory, assembling emergency supplies, and evacuation planning.

According to White Oak Insurance Services, hurricanes can devastate Georgia homes. The agency urges all homeowners to take proactive steps now, before a storm is on the horizon.

The Hurricane preparation guide takes insights from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the Georgia Red Cross, and Georgia Emergency Management Homeland Security.

White Oak Insurance Services created a video as well on their YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/joc73aKNAE4

Review Home Insurance Policies

One of the most important hurricane preparedness steps is confirming adequate home insurance coverage to weather storm damages. The White Oak guide recommends contacting a knowledgeable agent to review current policies and address any gaps.

Key coverages Georgia homeowners need:

Wind damage insurance to cover repairs from high winds. Standard policies may exclude wind damage.

Flood insurance to cover flooding damage. This requires a separate policy from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Replacement cost coverage to fully rebuild if a home is completely destroyed.

According to White Oak Insurance, reviewing insurance policies now can save homeowners significant heartache and expenses later. The agency is prepared to help customize coverage to protect Georgia families this hurricane season.

Create a Home Inventory

Maintaining a detailed home inventory can make filing insurance claims much smoother after hurricane destruction. The guide advises cataloging possessions room-by-room, including model numbers, purchase prices, photos, and more. Store digital and paper copies securely.

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Prepare the Home’s Exterior

Taking steps to reinforce the home now lessens the chances of major hurricane damage. Recommendations include:

Trimming nearby trees and removing loose branches

Securing roof shingles and installing storm shutters

Clearing gutters and downspouts

Anchoring outside appliances

Reinforcing weak points like doors, windows, and siding

Gather Emergency Supplies

Being prepared to self-sustain for several days without power or access to stores is crucial. The guide recommends having supplies like:

Non-perishable food and water for at least 3 days

Battery-powered radio, flashlights, and phone chargers

First aid kit and cash

Prescriptions, infant supplies, pet food

Know Evacuation Plans

Understand community evacuation zones and routes. Make preparations with family or friends to shelter if ordered to evacuate. Follow all evacuation orders promptly for safety.

According to White Oak Insurance, these tips can help Georgia homeowners better withstand the next big storm. But preparation takes time. Homeowners should contact White Oak Insurance today to review policies and finalize emergency plans, before hurricane season begins.

Access White Oak’s full Hurricane Preparation Guide for free at: https://www.whiteoakis.com/personal-insurance/home-insurance/how-to-prepare-for-hurricane-season-top-6-pre-hurricanes-preparation-steps

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