Monthly Talent Search For Young Dancers & Singers, With Winner Prizes Announced

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2B A Rising Star, a monthly online worldwide talent search platform, is now offering both global exposure and paid prizes to their monthly winners.

2B A Rising Star is in the business of looking for the stars of the future, and the popular online platform is pleased to be both expanding its different talent categories and offering larger cash prizes to their monthly winners. In addition to their adult awards for people aged 20-44 and 45 and above, 2B A Rising Star now has two popular categories for children and teens; their 12 and under age bracket and their 13-19-year-old stars-in-the-making.

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In a culture of social media influencers, 2B A Rising Star believes it is now almost undisputed that the rising stars of tomorrow are found online. Therefore, by bringing together aspiring hopefuls and the site’s growing audience, they hope to spark the career of both talented young and pre-famous performers and give them the audience and the financial boost they need to advance their skills and become truly successful.

2B A Rising Star offers talented hopefuls the opportunity to upload a two-minute video of them performing their talent. Their video will then enter the monthly pool where audiences have the chance to vote for their favorite. Each month, the winning video will now be eligible for a paid prize.

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With over 21 categories, talented performers in an array of fields are welcome to upload a video including art, cooking, comedy, dance, dj-ing, fashion design, gymnastics, modeling, music, photography, singing and more.

The monthly talent search is also guest hosted by successful artists from around the globe.

2B A Rising Star began in Florida and it has quickly expanded throughout the US and beyond. Its founder, Robert Kenneth—a passionate supporter of the arts—is a University of Florida alum, and the platform has been named one of the US’s fastest growing businesses.

A spokesperson for the talent search platform said, “Are you ready? This is your date with destiny. It’s showtime. 2B A Rising Star is the only online monthly talent search with over 21 categories looking for today’s newest talent to become tomorrow’s rising stars. The best part is, if you’re ready 2B paid for your talent, we are now supporting a new and different rising star every month.”

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