Precise B2B Segmentation With UK Market Intelligence For EMEA Sales Teams Launch

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LeadGenius has expanded its growth automation solutions for small and medium-sized EMEA companies seeking access to UK market intelligence.

As businesses throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) continue to scale, accessing specific customer data for marketing efforts is increasingly important. With the latest expansion, LeadGenius allows them to source information on demand – helping them to develop smarter insights and elevate their consumer outreach.

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With its service expansion, LeadGenius prioritises helping businesses leverage hidden opportunities for growth, shorten sales cycles, and connect with more customers based on data-driven decisions and proven approaches.

Businesses in the EMEA region often face challenges accessing high-quality sales and marketing data on UK companies needed to fuel their expansion efforts. LeadGenius’s growth automation service helps solve this problem by delivering prospect data and insights that fill pipelines with hyper-targeted personas and verticals for any specific geo-location.

The growth automation service provides on-demand data enriching existing CRM databases with the most relevant and up-to-date information on prospects. This includes firmographic, technographic, intent, and contact data that enables precise targeting and outreach. LeadGenius also enriches data with custom insights and signals to help reactivate and prioritise dormant leads.

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The service also has the capability to integrate directly into CRM, sales enablement, sales automation, and B2B data provider tools businesses already use, facilitating seamless data connectivity with leading platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Crunchbase, Groove, and a variety of other options.

LeadGenius’ growth automation service saves clients significant time otherwise spent on manual data tasks. For example, recent client PayPal saw the creation of 3 new sales opportunities representing over $3 million in processing volume within 90 days of onboarding. The LeadGenius team can save users upwards of 10 hours per week on data management, according to case study analysis.

A spokesperson states: “Spend more time on meaningful conversations and meet your goals faster by automating the time-consuming and repetitive go-to-market tasks that stifle productivity. LeadGenius helps differentiate you from your competitors by giving you access to custom real-time data that enables you to have truly meaningful buyer-centric conversations based on that custom relevant and contextual data.”

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