Granada Hills Junk Removal Company: Eco-Friendly Decluttering Service Update

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Hop N Haul Junk Removers (818-860-6658) has updated the residential junk removal service it offers to provide same-day eco-friendly service to Granada Hills homeowners.

With GreenPrint’s second annual Business of Sustainability Index stating that 78% of Americans do not know how to identify eco-friendly companies despite wanting to utilize their services, Hop N Haul Junk Removers has provided an update on its eco-friendly removal for green-conscious consumers. The company offers same-day residential junk removal for Granada Hills homes and apartments, getting rid of junk through recycling, donation, or other eco-conscious means of disposal.

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As part of the update, the company explains that it places a special emphasis on the responsible recycling of cardboard, which is known to be an especially difficult material to dispose of. This is in addition to the junk experts’ green removal of yard waste, appliances, hot tubs, mattresses, and furniture.

According to Recycle Track Systems, Americans recycle less than a quarter of all municipal solid waste each year, leaving approximately 200 million tons of this waste not recycled annually. Hop N Haul Junk Removers’ swift eco-conscious junk removal gives homeowners a way to make sure they do not contribute to this mass of un-recycled trash.

On top of residential junk removal, Hop N Haul Junk Removers provides eco-friendly waste disposal for commercial clients like restaurants and businesses that need construction debris done away with. The removal experts serve the entirety of the San Fernando Valley as well as Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, and Canyon Country.

About Hop N Haul Junk Removers

Hop N Haul Junk Removers is a licensed and insured junk removal company based in the center of the San Fernando Valley. The company’s leadership prides itself on several commitments to its customers, namely its dedication to punctuality, the environment, and budget-friendly service.

A San Fernando Valley resident who recently used Hop N Haul Junk Removal’s service had the following to say about their experience: “They were very helpful, friendly, on time, and fast. Came in and out and left my backyard nice and empty how I wanted it to be. Definitely recommend these people and affordable price as well!”

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