New York Vehicle Magnetic Signage For Political Campaigning In Color Announced

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Big Daddy’s Signs (+1-800-535-2139) announced the newest addition to its signage stock, now designing and delivering full-color vehicle magnets suitable for political campaigning in New York.

The latest product expansion is geared specifically toward those running in upcoming local and statewide election races. Big Daddy’s Signs offers its new custom vehicle magnets together with an abundance of other physical advertising materials, including vinyl banners and corrugated plastic-built lawn signs.

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Political election campaigns need to maintain staying power beyond rallies and scheduled public events, notes Big Daddy’s Signs. As such, its new magnetized vehicle signage products allow candidates to carry on promoting their values, pledges, and campaign party ideals as they travel.

Attachable on the exteriors of cars, vans, and boats, Big Daddy’s Signs’ vehicle signs are designed as an optimal advertising solution in terms of convenience. A company spokesperson described signage of this type as being “easy to install or remove” – meaning candidates or campaign managers can safely affix their signs as and when they need to.

To elaborate, a Big Daddy’s Signs representative said: “Vehicle magnets won’t damage the vehicle’s paint or surface. They’re also portable, so you can switch them between different vehicles to maximize exposure.”

Doing so can widely increase a campaign’s reach across New York communities, says the established print shop. Vehicle magnets that feature candidate details, slogans, and essential election reminders can serve to cement a given party’s presence and reputation among the public beyond a single area.

To this end, Big Daddy’s Signs offers comprehensive customization options that allow candidates to create vehicle magnets that align with their party’s thematic branding. Via the company’s official website, customers have the ability to submit graphics and personalized text for implementation in the design of magnetized signage.

Materials are chosen for their weather resistance, emphasizes Big Daddy’s Signs – with its vehicle magnets providing longevity amidst rain and lower temperatures in the New York fall and winter seasons. Its signs are available in a range of sizes, including rectangular cuts up to 24-by-24 inches suitable for banner-like displays that generate attention from passing motorists and pedestrians.

“Vehicle magnets can be eye-catching,” Big Daddy’s Signs iterates. “When driving down the street, they help to get your message in front of a lot of people.”

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