Immigration Lawyer In Austin Explains How Immigrants Impact The U.S. Workforce

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Immigration lawyer Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch discussed possible answers to the impact of immigration on the U.S. workforce in a recent interview on Scripps.

In an interview with Scripps News, immigration lawyer, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch discussed how immigration impacts the U.S. workforce, particularly in the semiconductor industry.

The Semiconductor Industry Association estimates that increased manufacturing and development in the United States will lead to a 33% job growth by 2030. Because of this anticipated estimate, there is a projected shortage of 67,000 skilled workers in the semiconductor industry.

The United States produces a huge number of engineering graduates every year. However, many are not Americans and eventually return to their home country after graduation. This creates a potential issue- a projected shortage of technicians, computer scientists, and engineers for the said industry.

Immigration lawyer Kate offers a solution to this problem. It is to overhaul the employment immigration system to provide faster and more secure mechanisms for U.S. employers to find foreign labor and to secure permanent legal status for immigrant workers.

She outlines the current process for employment-based immigration, which can be lengthy, involving an American employer petitioning for high-skilled foreign workers to stay in the United States. The application then goes through a lottery. If chosen, the employer must prove that no other American can do the job. However, its approval is only the beginning of a long process to obtain a permanent resident card in the United States.

Kate mentions that the process can take five or more years, depending on where the applicant is from and their skill level. It underlines the need to improve the immigration system, allowing a less stressful process of seeking permanent residency. This may encourage highly educated and skilled workers who seek security and stability to find employment in the United States.

Kate is an immigration lawyer in Austin, TX, who started her law journey at the University of Texas. She is passionate about the law, firmly believing in giving families peace of mind and a fresh start. Kate believes everyone has the right to feel welcomed, safe, and stable, especially when contributing to the country’s workforce. This is why she is passionate about providing legal counsel to individuals who seek new opportunities in the United States.

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