Benjamin Partners Secures Bridge Loan So Student Housing Could Move Ahead

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A student housing project in San Diego near the campus of SDSU will be stabilized thank to a $17.4 million bridge loan secured by Max Benjamin Partners. With traditional lending institutions are putting the breaks on lending, developers are turning to alternative options.

Max Benjamin Partners, a real estate investment bank in Beverly Hills, has closed a $17.4 million bridge loan (90% loan to value) for Stateside, developer of a student housing project in San Diego near the campus of SDSU. The loan will be used to fully stabilize the property. Max Benjamin Partners is on the forefront of finding alternate sources for loans beyond banks and other traditional lenders, many which are tightening the reins given today’s challenging economy.

“We’re delighted to have played a part in securing funding for Stateside as it continues its mission of building much-needed housing in the San Diego market,” says Moyal. “Max Benjamin Partners was able to find an ideal solution by tapping into our myriad of lending sources that are more flexible than traditional lending institutions.”

Moyal explains that as these institutions continue to pull in the reins, firms like Max Benjamin Partners are picking up the slack by finding solutions to their clients’ needs.

“Developers and others seeking to take out a loan are in desperate need of alternate forms of funding that may be as complex as capital stack solutions. Max Benjamin Partners specializes in this area and, as a result, we’re busier than ever,” adds Max B Mellman, founder and CEO of the firm. “Our sources are diverse and include family offices, private equity groups, hedge funds, and other non-traditional lenders.”

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