Lower East Side Graffiti T-Shirt, Authentic Street Art Apparel Collection Update

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Individuals looking for gifts for graffiti-loving friends and family members can now get t-shirts featuring original New York street art with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s newly updated apparel collection.

With the recent update, Sarah James Jazz Merch makes available long-sleeved t-shirts with photographed graffiti art such as the empowering ‘We Rise By Lifting Others 1’ image which was captured on 6th Street in East Village.

More information is available at https://www.gearbubble.com/werisebyliftingothers1

The new addition to the graffiti collection encapsulates the graffiti and street art community by depicting a female face on a vibrant pink background that is surrounded by other artist tags and the phrase ‘We Rise By Lifting Others’.

As graffiti art uses real-world canvases found on street walls and buildings, a single artwork is frequently altered, added to, and re-painted throughout its lifetime. In this regard, there is often a short time span where pieces can be seen as they were originally painted. To preserve these time-sensitive images, photographer Sarah James takes to the streets of New York to capture graffiti art before it gets changed.

By presenting her photographs on t-shirts, James allows lovers of graffiti art to own unique clothing, or to purchase it for friends and family members. This collection also highlights the varied imaginations and creative expressions of NYC’s graffiti artists.

All of the t-shirts in the NY graffiti collection are printed on high-quality 100% cotton material and are shipped within a week of ordering from within the USA. Additionally, the t-shirts are available in a wide range of colors and sizes to ensure customers can find one that suits their, or a recipient’s, personal style and preferences.

Sarah James Jazz Merch’s collection currently includes over 10 unique designs with new works being added as artworks are found and captured.

Alongside her graffiti photography, Sarah James is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, poet, and astrologer. Individuals looking to stay up to date with the artist’s photography and musical releases can find more information at http://www.sarahjames.com/

When speaking of her graffiti photography, Sarah James said, “Each image tells a story, is edgy, and most if not all of them are no longer where they were photographed. Graffiti in NYC doesn’t last long! Either the Sanitation Dept. comes along and tears them down or people just paste, draw, or otherwise alter the images.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.gearbubble.com/werisebyliftingothers1

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