Nashville Mold Remediation: Moisture Testing & Cleanup Services Updated

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Environmental consultant DocAir (615-373-2498) has announced updates to its mold remediation and prevention services for homeowners and businesses.

The recent move provides Nashville residents with a range of science-backed solutions to identify, contain, and permanently remove mold from their properties. By eliminating mold and its causes, DocAir helps to maintain the structural integrity of its customers’ properties and promotes a healthy living environment for occupants.

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As part of its expanded service, the team conducts thorough mold inspections utilizing advanced methods that include indoor air quality testing and moisture testing for building materials such as concrete, flooring, and insulation. In addition, the mold specialists employ thermal imaging to detect temperature changes indicative of mold presence or potential growth.

As DocAir notes, mold can thrive virtually anywhere, and homes and business facilities make no exception, as its spores need only a warm temperature, lots of moisture, and organic materials such as wood and drywall, to propagate. Controlling moisture is the most effective way to prevent mold from taking hold.

Depending on a property’s condition, the team achieves this with interventions such as dehumidification to remove excess moisture from the air and inhibit mold spore activity. DocAir also takes measures to mitigate vapor, building barriers and applying waterproof coatings to prevent moisture intrusion.

To prevent mold growth under a property, DocAir offers crawl space encapsulation. Between the ground and a building’s floor, crawl spaces tend to invite damp, pests, and mold including black mold (Stachybotrys) – regarded as the most toxic type. The mold removal experts engage in repair, sealing, and waterproofing together with remote-reading hygrometer installation to convert crawl spaces into moisture-controlled areas.

DocAir’s other areas of expertise span duct fan and blower door testing to measure a building’s airtightness, as well as radon mitigation – the process of reducing concentrations of the radioactive gas that can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer. HVAC servicing, design, and installation for a variety of systems together with plumbing services are also provided.

About DocAir

DocAir was founded in 2002 by Senior Industrial Hygienist Barry Westbrook. The company provides a comprehensive spectrum of services to improve the indoor air quality and energy efficiency of both residential and commercial buildings.

A satisfied customer said: “I hired DocAir to do mold remediation in my crawl space, and then a full encapsulation including installing a humidifier. The crew was incredibly friendly and polite and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Within a week, I’ve seen the humidity level decrease and I’m not getting musty odors in my house like I used to.”

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