Live Technical Analysis Lessons For Beginner Day Traders; Mentorship Updated

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A leading training platform for aspiring day traders announces an expansion of its coaching syllabus for its growing membership.

The latest launch from ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) updates its advanced suite of training tools for beginners and more experienced traders alike. The platform offers expert teaching in technical analysis and a host of other techniques to help inexperienced or struggling traders find a new level of consistency.

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The MIC team has also announced a new live trading room feature that allows subscribers to shadow professional traders as they work, getting an over-the-shoulder view of their processes and setups. The live stream joins the platform’s popular mentorship program and chatroom – a thriving online community of fellow trading enthusiasts from across the globe.

Technical analysis is a core technique used by day traders, using historical market data to predict the trajectory of future price movements. By analyzing price patterns using various types of charts, technical analysts work on the assumption that price history is cyclical by nature and, as such, trends can be identified to inform smarter decisions.

MIC subscribers are taught how to use candlestick price charts. At a basic level, these illustrate the difference between a stock’s opening and closing price. Other variations are also explained such as bar, area, line, open-high/low-close, and Heiken-Ashi charts.

Coaching also covers the array of technical indicators that can be used in conjunction with these charts including moving averages, average directional indexes, Coppock curves, and Stochastic oscillators.

Subscribers to the mentorship program get unlimited access to their assigned mentor. Sessions can be one-to-one or in a group setting – and the mentoring panel can be reached seven days a week via voice calls or direct messaging from within the chatroom.

Other platform features include weekly webinars with live market recaps, daily trading blueprints, and access to MIC’s state-of-the-art learning management system – a large video encyclopedia of day trading education with over 1,000 hours of footage.

A spokesperson says, “Mentorship plans give access to the My Investing Club mentors, community, chatroom, and all of our educational resources. Every session is recorded so you never miss a thing.”

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