US DIY Fort Building Set For Children: Fun Indoor Playhouse Inventory Updated

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KiboFort has announced an update to its inventory to include the KiboFort™ – Magic Fort Building Set designed for children of all ages in the United States.

The recently added KiboFort™ – Magic Fort Building Set offers children of all ages an engaging fort-building experience. With its versatile construction blocks, kids can bring their imaginative ideas to life, crafting an array of structures, from forts and castles to tunnels and beyond.

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KiboFort’s newly available set of innovative building blocks offers an engaging play experience for children, providing a stimulating and creative outlet that encourages imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills. With its lightweight and durable design, kids can easily build elaborate structures.

KiboFort™ – Magic Fort Building Set is easy to use, making it suitable for young children – the company believes it is a toy that they will love for years to come. Parents can also join in, helping their children build and create rockets, tents, and houses with the fort-building pieces.

The Fort Building Kit comes in four packages to cater to different preferences and play experiences. The basic package includes 100 sticks and 36 balls, providing a fundamental building experience. The basic plus tent package upgrades the play experience by adding a tent, allowing children to create their own hideout.

For an added touch, parents can also choose from the glow-in-the-dark options for the basic and the basic plus tent packages. Both of them come with photoluminescent sticks and balls, with the basic plus tent option featuring a glow-in-the-dark tent.

KiboFort offers complimentary shipping on all orders to make this fort-building kit accessible to more families across the United States.

About KiboFort

Founded in 2018, KiboFort is on a mission to provide parents, educators, and caregivers with high-quality fort-building sets for children of all ages at affordable prices. Its signature product, the KiboFort™ – Magic Fort Building Set, is the result of a lot of research and travel across America and Europe by the team to find out what makes a great fort-building set.

“From secret caves to majestic castles, the KiboFort™ – Magic Fort Building Kit fuels their imagination and takes playtime to new heights,” said a spokesperson. “Crafted with care, these building pieces are sturdy, safe, and designed to withstand the most epic playtime adventures. They’re made to last, ensuring your child’s delight for years to come.”

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