Online Breathwork Facilitator Training With Live Sessions & Practicums Announced

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NeuroDynamic Institute has announced that they are now accepting enrolments for the upcoming March program of their online breathwork facilitator teacher training.

NeuroDynamic Institute is the online teaching institution of renowned breathwork facilitator Michael Stone, the founder of the NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality. This unique modality has been described by Stone as a “gateway to conscious embodiment, emotional health and personal empowerment,” and it uses a combination of breath and scientifically designed music to have a strong impact on all practitioners. In their new March breathwork training program, which commences on the 2nd of the month, and will run intensively for 6 months, practitioners will gain the skill set they need to become teachers of this modality.

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NeuroDynamic Institute encourages interested participants to take advantage of their first call for enrollments, since the spots are commonly filling up quickly. Although the course is highly desired by mental health and wellness professionals, NeuroDynamic Institute stresses that there are no prerequisites to learning, and that only an interest in the healing potential of breathwork is required.

NeuroDynamic Institute’s 6-month course contains a comprehensive curriculum with over 350 hours of scheduled learning. There are regular live Zoom sessions with Michael Stone and other acclaimed breathwork guides and opportunities for both in-person and online breathwork practicums.

In addition to the uniqueness of his NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality, what Michael Stone believes particularly differentiates NeuroDynamic Institute’s online breathwork facilitator teacher training is the way it also encompasses broader personal and emotional growth teachings. They believe these teachings will both lead to life-changing outcomes for participants and make them better breathwork coaches in the future.

Participants who complete NeuroDynamic Institute’s 6-month course will receive an official certification that will allow them to work as both an in-person and online breathwork facilitator.

One participant in the last session of the breathwork institute’s teacher training program, Martin, a Psychologist working in Santa Rosa, said, “The only training experience I’ve ever had that was as thorough and thoughtful as NeuroDynamic Breathwork facilitator training was graduate school for my doctorate in psychology. The coordinators and trainers really give their all to cover all angles to prepare us to be facilitators. Not only that… it included a personal development track that really supported me to do my own inner work.”

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