EMEA Tailor-Made B2B Data Sets: Segmented Target Market Research Service Updated

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LeadGenius, a consulting firm that provides custom B2B data solutions, expanded its services to cover the EMEA region.

The goal of the company’s expanded services is to provide B2B players with hard-to-access data that can help them better chart their growth trajectory.

More information about LeadGenius is available at https://www.leadgenius.com/

LeadGenius’ newly announced bespoke data sets offer valuable insight that can be used to reach previously untapped enterprise clients. Moreover, the information gleaned can be leveraged for more precise customer profiling, allowing sales and marketing teams to better understand needs, pain points, and preferences.

Representatives say that getting market information that is not only specific to an industry but to a given company’s unique context can unlock new opportunities and create distinct advantages. This is especially true of the B2B space, where market research can be hard to come by.

LeadGenius bundles B2B data gathering, data outsourcing, and lead generation automation into one cost-efficient service. To ensure accurate and meaningful data sets, all clients will be assigned a team comprising a data scientist, project manager, and customer success manager.

The company explains that its proprietary workflow involves taking publicly available information and enriching it with data scraping. This process allows the company to quickly collect data at scale, while imbuing it with nuance and insight.

The LeadGenius platform also has a feature that alerts sales representatives when a potential customer interacts with a rival company. This functionality enables them to promptly recognize potential prospects, as such behaviors are highly indicative of purchase interest. According to the company, businesses that use its service generate 10 times more qualified leads and enhance sales efficiency by 50%.

A spokesperson says: “The growth of EMEA’s economy marks an exciting time for B2B enterprises. With our bespoke data sets, you can make the most of this momentum and create new revenue streams.”


LeadGenius offers B2B clients insightful data that unlocks new opportunities for growth. Among its esteemed clients are Fujitsu, Rakuten, Square, Indeed, PayPal, and Salesforce. In addition to the EMEA region, it also does data and market research in North America.

Interested parties may visit https://www.leadgenius.com/ for more details about the company and its services.

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