How To Maximize Your Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

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( — October 20, 2023) — Suffering a personal injury is known to cause serious physical, emotional, and financial setbacks. When another person’s negligence has caused you injury,  you have the right to seek compensation. However, maximizing your compensation in a personal injury case requires diligent planning, persistent action, and skillful guidance.

A great step to take in your journey to be compensated is to contact a legal professional like the offices of Attorney Scott J. Senft. With years of personal injury experience, experience under their belts, and a track record of client satisfaction, their legal guidance can help you follow the protocol that many others have followed on their road to recovery. The steps look like this:

Seek Immediate Medical Care

The first thing that must be done is to seek out immediate medical care. You cannot be compensated when you’re dead, so you first need to make sure your injury isn’t life-threatening. No matter how minor things may seem, get checked out anyway to make sure you don’t expire from internal complications or something else. 

Keep a Record of Everything

Thorough documentation is a key component for maximizing your compensation. Having records of all related expenses keeps you in step with what would be required of you once negotiations with insurance companies or legal proceedings begin. Things to document include: 

  • Medical bills
  • Prescriptions
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Transportation expenses to and from medical appointments
  • A detailed journal of your injuries, pain levels, and how they impact your daily life
  • Calendars with dates and appointments
  • Phone calls

Gather and Preserve Evidence

Preserve all evidence related to your injury and the incident that could otherwise be damaged or destroyed. Photograph and video the accident scene, your injuries, and surrounding properties. Clothing or articles that played a role in the incident should all be collected. Get statements from whoever may have been a witness.

Consult with an Attorney

Securing wise legal counsel is a crucial step in the process. Your attorney will:

  • Assess the strength of your case
  • Draft a strategy
  • Guide you through the legal process
  • Work to determine liability
  • Calculate damages
  • Ensure you avoid mistakes that reduce your compensation
  • Prevent you from wasting your time and energy

Notify Insurance Companies

Notify your insurance company as soon as you can. However, when speaking with insurance adjusters it’s best to err on the side of brevity. Saying less ensures you don’t get tricked into compromising your payout. Don’t agree to anything before first reviewing things with your attorney.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Don’t talk to anyone about your personal injury case. This includes your friends and your family; even your spouse. Any and all information about your case that finds its way into the hands of an opposing attorney or insurance adjuster will likely result in your compensation being reduced. Additionally, stay off social media until the case is settled.

Be Prepared for Trial

While most cases settle, some go to trial. This can be a powerful bargaining tool. Your attorney should be ready to present your case in court and advocate for your rights before a judge and jury.