California Cash: Beneficial Advice for How To Sell Your Used Car

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( — October 24, 2023) — If you’re in California dreaming about selling your used car for some much-needed cash, you most likely don’t know much about the nuances of how to do so. When approached properly, even selling a difficult-to-sell car can be done safely and profitably. However, if you don’t know much about selling a used car, let alone a junk one, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find plenty of good advice here.

Left-coast owners of clunkers can easily sell theirs to a junk car buyer in California. To get the best value and a hassle-free selling experience, a specialized junk car dealer who purchases wrecks, hoopties, and other hard-to-sell vehicles is the way to go. Age, mileage, or required repairs don’t concern them; they buy them all.

Tips When Selling Your Older Used Car

Selling your used car can be challenging, but you can still get a decent amount of money for it regardless of its mileage, wear and tear, or necessary repairs. The sales method you choose will depend on the condition of your vehicle and whether you want a quick sale or to get the most money possible. Given the current saturation of the used car market, it’s important to make your vehicle stand out to potential buyers. To help you sell your used car, here are some tips to consider.

Clean and Detail

A spotless vehicle, even one with a ton of miles and the obvious signs of wear and tear will sell quicker than a messy one. A clean car, inside and out, will give buyers the impression that its owner took meticulous care of it. Whether that’s true or not isn’t of importance. A buyer’s first impression of the vehicle can make or break a sale.

Of importance is ensuring that the vehicle’s windows and windshield are absolutely crystal clear along with its interior. It’s well worth the money to have a professional car cleaning service detail the vehicle to ensure that it’s showroom clean. Remove any items hanging from the rearview mirror, and make sure that all of the cup holders and compartments are spotless and dust-free.

Consider Fixing the Little Things

If your vehicle has a few inexpensive things that need to be fixed, consider spending the money on repairing them. Burned-out tail lights are an easy and inexpensive fix, and leaving them as such will give a buyer grounds to push for a lower price. A squeaky car door can give off a bad impression, and all it takes is a bit of grease to solve the problem. Fixing minor issues can help to eliminate or lessen a buyer from pushing for a lower price.

Posting the Right Photos

Online car posts with only a few photos will leave buyers thinking that you’re trying to hide something, so it’s best to display a variety of different photos. For exterior shots, choose a location with a neutral background, one that won’t distract from the car. Crouch down and take photos from your car’s level for more accurate views. Include photos taken from the front, rear, and side views of the vehicle.

Don’t forget to include interior photos, especially of the driver’s seat and dashboard. Remove any personal items and ensure that the dashboard and windows are spotless. Sit in the back of the car and take a photo facing forward to get a good shot of the interior, including the dashboard.

If the vehicle has any cosmetic damage, it’s also important to show photos of that. Transparency is key when advertising a used car. Any noticeable damage not accurately portrayed in photos will cause buyers who come to look at your car to immediately distrust.

Set the Selling Price Appropriately

If you’re selling a used car, setting the right price is crucial. Pricing it too high may not attract buyers while pricing it too low may lead to a loss. To determine the value of your car, you can use an online used car value calculator. Just enter your car’s VIN, mileage, and condition, and you’ll receive an estimated resale value. This is particularly useful for those on a budget who want to ensure they get the best deal possible.

Armed with this information, you can set your selling price. Many used car sellers set this price a bit higher, so there’s some wiggle room if a buyer wants to negotiate a lower price. For more interest in your car and perhaps a faster sale, you can try setting the price lower than its estimated value. Price plays a big role in selling a used car.

How To Sell the Unsellable

If you’re having difficulties getting any interest in your used car, you may have what’s referred to as a junk car. Factors that can put your car into this unkind category include:

  • Vehicles over ten years old
  • Those with excessive mileage
  • Ones that require repairs that are equal to 50% of the car’s value or more

If yours has one or more of these characteristics, you own a junk car, and they are typically difficult to sell to a private buyer. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Specialized junk car dealers will buy any car despite mileage, a decade of use, or any mechanical issues. They pay more than a junkyard and will come to you and tow it away while leaving you with cash in hand. It’s the most convenient way to sell an undesirable vehicle.

How To Sell Your Used Car: The Bottom Line

With a bit of prep work and research on your used car’s value, you can cast your line into the pool of prospective buyers. The used car market is flooded with various vehicles, so ensuring that it’s looking as good as possible and priced correctly is the key to getting bites from buyers.

For hard-to-sell junk cars, your best option is to sell them to a junk car dealer who purchases all cars, running or not. Selling a junk car doesn’t need to be difficult; contact a junk car dealer to have yours hauled away.