Additions That Will Improve Your Home’s Property Value

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( — October 27, 2023) —

The home is a huge investment and responsibility of the owner. Adding value to the home annually through additions and improvements can maximize the return on this investment. Budgeting for additions is going to be important as you want to ensure you are still making mortgage payments. Pick additions that improve your quality of life, whether it is entertaining or can help the health of everyone in the home. Research online what you would like to do along with how much the project could potentially cost. The following are additions that will improve your home’s overall property value. 

Metal Buildings

Metal buildings can be such a great option for those looking for office space or even extra storage. A metal building can also be turned into a home gym or entertainment space. Take the time to look at the various options as these buildings can even be livable in some cases. Detached garages can play a similar role in terms of trying to expand living and storage areas. 

A Nice Pool Area

A pool area that has a deck along with an outdoor kitchen can offer relaxation and the ultimate entertainment setting. Pools are going to be monthly expenses via electricity to run the pool pump and paying a pool maintenance professional. For those that live in warm climates, this can be a great investment but for others, the monthly costs are not worth it. A deck might be better for those in cooler climates to grill and entertain on rather than an in-ground pool. 

Prefabricated Homes

Tiny homes can be a great option for your property if you want to generate rental income. The prefabricated homes are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional homes. You already own the property the home will be put on but still need to check with local ordinances to see if you need a license of some kind. Visitors can also stay in these homes rather than crowding the home, which can be an issue for larger families. 

Tennis/Basketball Court

A tennis court will require space along with a professional to come install the court. The tennis court can also be used for basketball as you simply need to add a hoop. You might also have to paint the court if used for basketball to indicate boundaries and add a three-point line. There are so many people who wish they had a recreation area at their home when in the middle of social distancing restrictions. Entertaining in these areas is also relatively easy as cleanup can be as simple as spraying the area off with a hose. You can keep kids entertained for hours of playing various games on these courts. This can be a great change if your teens or kids are constantly inside on their phones or playing video games. 

Improving the value of your home should be a priority over the years. Take the time to figure out what potential buyers would want and what would improve your family’s quality of life.