Hit and Run Accidents: Pursuing Justice Within the Law

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(Newswire.net — October 31, 2023) — It’s terrifying to be involved in any kind of accident, but when the driver who hits your vehicle flees the scene, it’s even scarier. After an accident, each party must remain on the scene and exchange information.

In certain instances, the at-fault driver may not stop at all, leaving you behind with your injuries. They may even get out and check on you, then provide false information before leaving the scene long before the police arrive.

How Are Hit-and-Run Accidents Defined in Illinois?

A hit-and-run accident is when someone leaves the scene of an accident without stopping to exchange contact and insurance information. A hit-and-run can include hitting another vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian. It can also involve some type of fixed object like a house, wall, or gate.

If you were the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you may be left with physical pain from your injuries. You’ll also be saddled with worry over who will cover the costs of these injuries when the at-fault driver remains at large.

Fortunately, your insurance coverage as mandated by the state of Illinois requires that you carry uninsured motorist coverage. However, in the event that your injuries are severe, it may not be enough to mitigate the costs. Other times, insurance companies may not pay out accordingly.

Regardless of the circumstances, you can pursue justice for your hit-and-run accident by following these steps.

Call the Police

Sometimes, hit-and-run drivers will take off before you can even notify the police that there’s been an accident. It’s essential that you call them when the driver flees the scene. Let them know any details that you can recall such as the make, model, and color of the vehicle. Even if you only remember part of the license plate number, that can help.

There may also be witnesses who saw what happened. They may have more details about the driver’s appearance or vehicle.

Notify Your Own Auto Insurance Company

In an accident in Illinois, the at-fault driver’s insurance should pay for your damages. When the driver flees the scene, you will need to go through your coverage. Make sure you get a copy of the police report to prove that it was a hit-and-run accident.

If the other driver is located, the process can then go through their insurance company. However, if they do not have insurance — perhaps the reason why they fled in the first place — then you’ll still need to use your coverage.

Turn to a Car Accident Lawyer

Hit-and-run car accidents are incredibly complicated matters, and it helps to have an attorney experienced in car accident trials to advocate on your behalf. Whether the other driver is located or not, you will have someone on your side to help you through the legal process.

With legal assistance, you have a greater chance of recovering the compensation you deserve without being thrust into debt due to the negligence and cowardice of another person.